1. M

    WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! |

    Welcome to WSYGs DayZ server! WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! | We're currently running a fresh wiped DayZ server. We're an experienced admin team of 7. Our goal is to get players to join, and have a very...
  2. S

    Olympus RP - Hosted by MNG Productions

    MNG Productions Presents Growing Community Fresh New Server As Of Dec.6th Hosting New Dayz Server Our server is a WIP and we need players to give us feedback to help us improve on the features! A run down of server features are below and full details can be found on our Discord...
  3. A

    Tartan Army Gaming | Modded Server | PC

    The Tartan Army Gaming DayZ Server is now open to the public! MODS ZomBerry Admin Tools Community Framework MoreGuns Mass's Many Items Overhaul Trader & Trader Wallet Build Anywhere Code Locks FishingZ DayZ Navigation VanillaPlusPlusMap Better Suppressors OP_Base Items Less Destruction We...
  4. Metropolis

    Lone Survivor DayZ |PVP|Modded|1PP|Trader|Weed Dealer|Loot|Custom Black Market's|Grind Experience|Future Development|

    Lone Survivor DayZ: © 2019 - A first person server with no limits! Approximately 2 months of developing. >>Discord<< Are you looking for a nice and grindy experience in DayZ? This is the right server for you. This server rewards people who put the time into playing on our server. The more you...
  5. Sigworth

    [NA] Amnesia Reborn, The DayZ Server | New Server - Fresh DB | [Summer_Chernarus]

    Amnesia Reborn, The DayZ Server Highlights at a Glance Blackmarket Trader Bridge To Skalisky Drug Dealer Trader Hordes (Always 1 in Chernogorsk and Vybor Military Compound. Always 1 random horde around the map) Increased Loot with custom loot tables Increased Zombies Three Safezone Traders...
  6. R

    [Remoz] DayZ Vanilla #2 CA |PVP+PVE|InsaneLoot|NoStamina|Daytime

    Canada area: Vanilla server, no mods, only custom configuration: 4x loot, more zombies, more animals, PVE + PVP zones, always daytime, no stamina, 81+ cars (every spawn point) Thanks you guys! Remoz
  7. G

    Insomniacs Community Server

    Dear DayZ Gamers, Finally after a long time waiting for DayZ to get relevant again they gave us modding! [ger/eu] - Multiple active admins Since the release of the game me and my friends have been playing like madlads. Today i am happy to announce that our server is online and stable...
  8. G

    Radiotix DayZ Standalone Server NEW (EU)

    [RDX]DayZ+|Redux|Inv+|Stamina+|2xLoot|Winter|| IP: FEATURES: Build ANYWHERE | DayZ + | Inventory + | Chernarus WINTER | Snow Clothing | Weapon REDUX | Mosin Scope | Mass's Many Item Overhaul | Sullen Skies | Classic Names| And more to come...
  9. Captain_Bigzy

    Dawn OF The Z - WWW.DAWNOFTHEZ.NET - DAYZ 1.06

    WWW,DAWNOFTHEZ.NET New Growing Community with 100+ Discord Members Backups & Auto Restore on all servers! Hosting New Dayz Server: Dawn Of The Z Discord Our servers are a WIP and we need players to give us feedback to help us improve on the features! A run down of server features are below...
  10. Rexxenexx

    Tip for forcing Date and Time on your Server

    In init.c just above: Weather weather = g_Game.GetWeather(); paste: GetGame().GetWorld().SetDate(2018, 7, 1, 8, 30); where GetGame().GetWorld().SetDate(YYYY, MM, DD, HH, MM); For whatever reason serverTime in serverDZ.cfg doesn't work on my server anymore so I'm forced to FORCE it...
  11. Pwn

    Open DayZ Discord Server

    In light of DayZ Standalone releasing server files, we have created a Discord Server for everyone to join! Snippet from the #rules section of the server: 1. Don't be a dick 2. Use your common sense 3. Use appropriate channels 4. Keep the discussion relevant 5. Be helpful to all community...
  12. Pwn

    Public Scripting Repository

    Howdy everyone! With the excitement of DayZ server files being released and access the game's API, I have created a public repository on GitHub that will act as a directory of work-in-progress and released scripts. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to reply...
  13. dayzguy420

    need help please

    hello all good day, new guy here ( im a noob sry :()... I was was wondering if i could get some help an old server i played made his files public so i have been trying to get them to work on a local server... so when i go into the game it loads as if it were the original multiplayer game so...
  14. NinjaInGreen

    DayzMod 1.8.9 Linux Server - full how-to guide. Is there any?

    Guys, please, can someone show me some guide for setting up latest 1.8.9 version server on Linux dedicated server? I saw some guides, but most of them were or incomplete either outdated. I uploaded Arma 2 + Arma2: OA folders to my dedicated server, and set up mysql database. Other steps are not...
  15. NinjaInGreen

    Гайд по настройке сервера 1.8.9 для Linux

    Ребята, есть где-нибудь в природе подобное? Видел гайды по старым версиям, но либо не полные, либо реально устаревшие. Есть дедик, есть желание создать свою песочницу, на Windows VPS не хочу. Закачал содержимое своих папок Arma 2 + Arma 2:OA а сервак, дальше всё весьма туманно.
  16. Afterburn

    Waiting for server to start authentication

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a Epoch Chernarus server using the latest client and server files provided by I am able to join the lobby but when the game starts I get stuck at the 'Waiting for server to start authentication' message. I've tried several methods to fix this issue: -...
  17. A

    Destiny Epoch | ARMA III | 2 x AI Cities | AI Patrols | Supply drops | New Zombies | 15+ Missions

    | Destiny Epoch | ARMA III | 2 x AI Cities | AI Patrols | Supply drops | New Zombies | 15+ Missions | And much more... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destiny Epoch Arma III Server TS - GameReview TS3 Server of Destiny Epoch...
  18. W

    Dayz Epoch Taviana Problem(s)

    Hey guys, I am trying to make a Dayz Epoch Taviana server, it is up and running but when I join a window pops up saying you cannot play/edit this mission... My launch parameters: -mod=@DayZ_Epoch;@Tavi_DayZ_Epoch; (My tavi folder is called Tavi_DayZ_Epoch) Server Keys: bi.bikey bi2.bikey...
  19. Microb

    Server loading if no players.

    Hello. I don't know if it's related to scripting but anyway. I've noticed that servers are not showing up in server lists if there are no players inside, so there is a problem-after my dayz servers restarts people can't get inside until I or somebody else using side programs to connect or using...