1. W

    WHG Survival Instinct

    Pure Survival PVP. Load of brilliant mods from Steam Workshop with a view to make all our own in the future. Great staff team on board. Immersion at it's best. Need something to curdle your blood, make it boil perhaps? Well you found it. Need a nice place to rest your weary head from...
  2. S


    Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, Vanilla Building, BBP, great community and added vehicles and high tier weapons, Drugs, plus much more please...
  3. G

    The Badlands |Lootx4, Altar Blackmarket, NEAF, Trader, ATM, Inv++, Etc.| IP

    Welcome to The Badlands! (Early Development) We are brand new to the DayZ modded server community and want to offer a wide spectrum of unique gameplay and make “The Badlands” stand out from the rest. We are open to taking new ideas! We are also open to taking discord/in-game admins for the...
  4. Blakyl_

    The Hunt \/ 1PP | Organic RP | Spawn Select | Expansion | Bases

    Looking for a more hardcore DayZ experience but the fun of the good old dayz? We were big fans of Arma 2 DayZ and the early DayZ Standalone. So We tried our best to add the best of both to make "The Hunt". Core Features First person Only, no crosshair. A worked and balanced loot econnomy. A...
  5. Vindict6

    [WAR LOOT]Vin6's Bubonic Hellscape

    Server with loot balanced towards PVP and vehicles, Slow days and short nights, vanilla. NO WIPES--Stock up. Looking for a challenge, so send your best. --Vin6
  6. W

    [NEW] LightZ Out-200K START-4X LOOT-50K REFERRAL-BreachingCharge

    Brand new server. Was just launched last Friday. Current mod are: @CF;@Trader;@Ear-Plugs;@Banking;@VanillaPlusPlusMap;@DisableBaseDestruction;@SchanaModGlobalChat;@VPPAdminTools;@CPBWeapons;@Unlimited Stamina;@SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run;@No Glove Or Shoe...
  7. B

    BEATingU PS4 Server - Livonia

    Server Name: BEATingU Official Server Main Playstyle: Survival / PvP Main Platform: PS4 - LIVONIA Main Language: English Main Region: EU Server mods: full cars, unlisted items (refrigerator, field shovel, colour variations of guns, mags etc) increased helis, easy to find hard...
  8. R

    Building a new server

    Hello , Im looking for a few people interested in building a new Day Z expansion server , I have built a few servers in the past and done some custom mods for people. What im looking for is people with skills in coding and mod development NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE. Send me a message and ill invite...
  9. L

    loot despawning in containers. mags and ammo stacks only despawning

    so since the new 1.08 update now ammo stacks and mags are only despawning in containers and we try putting the lifetime on them to max didnt change anything. i am lost what to do if anyone else have this problem and have fix it let me know
  10. CaptainMason

    420Gaming | Soldier AI Missions | Expansion Mod | Traders | Custom Mission

    Check out our DayZ servers! Our servers include actual soldier AI missions as well as other side missions around the map to keep yourself busy besides the normal PVP and zombie engagements! US based servers. Join our Teamspeak server! Server IP:
  11. xNomZx

    [SWS] SW Survival|1PP|Hordes|Toxic|Traders|Bases|Squads

    We are a new UK based community, starting out on the DayZ server scene. Collectively we have years of DayZ mod and Vanilla DayZ SA experience basing everything from the original DayZ Origins mod. We are focused on a community based server so any idea is welcome and we want it to be the best it...
  12. HiTex

    NEW DAYZ MODDED SERVER [EU]! State of Death

    Welcome to State of Death A DayZ survivor experience that takes place in our post apocalyptic world. Our State of Death server offers a DayZ experience with everything from must-have mods to improve life quality (no stamina, autorun, ear-plugs etc.) to robbing the national bank of Chernarus...
  13. Must1ka5

    Extraction ExS Livonia DayZ Server | Costum Missions | High Server Performance | Better Loot |

    Hi! I'd like to invite you on our Extraction ExS Livonia server! Extraction ExS Livonia DayZ server waiting new players, this server is very simple and lag free. Server have very special and unique costum mission Extraction Point. Get your frends together or find new one in server and start...
  14. C

    PrimitiveDayz |Livonia|15k Start|No Stam|3PP|Trader|Atm|AirDrop|Map|

    We are currently looking for Administrators/Mods. Devs would be nice too. This is a new DayZ server PrimitiveDayZ. This server is a Custom DayZ server with many many mods with all sorts of things that improve your gameplay! We are currently Looking for DayZ Developers &...
  15. M

    WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! |

    Welcome to WSYGs DayZ server! WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! | We're currently running a fresh wiped DayZ server. We're an experienced admin team of 7. Our goal is to get players to join, and have a very...
  16. S

    Olympus RP - Hosted by MNG Productions

    MNG Productions Presents Growing Community Fresh New Server As Of Dec.6th Hosting New Dayz Server Our server is a WIP and we need players to give us feedback to help us improve on the features! A run down of server features are below and full details can be found on our Discord...
  17. A

    Tartan Army Gaming | Modded Server | PC

    The Tartan Army Gaming DayZ Server is now open to the public! MODS ZomBerry Admin Tools Community Framework MoreGuns Mass's Many Items Overhaul Trader & Trader Wallet Build Anywhere Code Locks FishingZ DayZ Navigation VanillaPlusPlusMap Better Suppressors OP_Base Items Less Destruction We...
  18. Metropolis

    Lone Survivor DayZ |PVP|Modded|1PP|Trader|Weed Dealer|Loot|Custom Black Market's|Grind Experience|Future Development|

    Lone Survivor DayZ: © 2019 - A first person server with no limits! Approximately 2 months of developing. >>Discord<< Are you looking for a nice and grindy experience in DayZ? This is the right server for you. This server rewards people who put the time into playing on our server. The more you...
  19. Sigworth

    [NA] Amnesia Reborn, The DayZ Server | New Server - Fresh DB | [Summer_Chernarus]

    Amnesia Reborn, The DayZ Server Highlights at a Glance Blackmarket Trader Bridge To Skalisky Drug Dealer Trader Hordes (Always 1 in Chernogorsk and Vybor Military Compound. Always 1 random horde around the map) Increased Loot with custom loot tables Increased Zombies Three Safezone Traders...
  20. R

    [Remoz] DayZ Vanilla #2 CA |PVP+PVE|InsaneLoot|NoStamina|Daytime

    Canada area: Vanilla server, no mods, only custom configuration: 4x loot, more zombies, more animals, PVE + PVP zones, always daytime, no stamina, 81+ cars (every spawn point) Thanks you guys! Remoz