1. P

    =FRESH= YoullFloatToo-PVE/PvPzones-BM-LOOT+-CstmMap-cstmcars-150kStart-Drugs-NewServer

    Here we have a 2 week old server filled with plenty of custom builds all over the map for you to find and explore. We are a growing friendly community with plenty to offer you. Thanks to some of our own players who has put together this amazing video to promote our server View...
  2. G

    New Server: DayZ EU Vanilla TakistanPlus Only No Bases Only No Bases Server

    Hi all! Just made a server on TakistanPlus if anyone interested, tried to make it like the vanilla DayZ experience but with the expansion mod and few new weapons/armor to spice it up. No base building but does have a trader zone. Essentially classic just spawn with nothing loot up get gear, then...
  3. I

    New DayZ Playstation server.

    **BRAND NEW** ***Chernarus Warfare is here and packed with mods!*** *Team up, Build, Protect, Raid and Secure compounds to gain territory around Chernarus!* - Playstation PS4/PS5 - Map: Chernarus - 32 slots ( Upgrading to 52 slots next week ) - Mouse and keyboard enabled - Regular restarts -...
  4. forrestgump


    **WELCOME TO FRESHSPAWNS 0.62 DAYZ EDITION** **This server aims to be as close to 0.62 legacy DayZ as it can be. (as far as it will take us)** **OLD DAYZ / 0.62** Atlas Bipod - Reduces sway when deployed - **(M4/AK/MOSIN)** Mosin Scope - **(Old Long range scope)** Damaged Scopes - **(Cracked...
  5. 4

    An immersive winter chernarus server for people who wants immersion above all

    Server Name: Immersive Winter Chernarus Canada Based Server A server for the part of the community that wants IMMERSION! I just bought a 40 slot PC server to see if I could create the Most IMMERSIVE survival experience both In PVE and Player interactions by taking the players suggestions...
  6. P

    Plague | Extra Loot | PvP + PvE

    Server name: Plague | Extra Loot | PvP + PvE Address: ★ High Loot ★ PvP + PvE ★ Quality of Life Mods ★ Vanilla-Style ★ Active, Helpful Admins ★ Better Starter Kit ★ Unlimited Stamina ★ In-game Mini-map ★ In-game and Discord Kill-Feed
  7. A

    Join the newest Revolution at the: English Losers|Helis|BBP|loot+|1PP|PVP|Bases|Traders|AirDrop

    Join the newest Revolution at the: English Losers|Helis|BBP|loot+|1PP|PVP|Bases|Traders|AirDrop SYSTEM: PC Discord: Welcome Aboard! After the Z Virus wiped out most of the population, it left only the strongest-willed individuals to survive the aftermath. The...
  8. F

    ElementZ | 200K start | Namalsk | pvp | 3pp and 1pp | custom mods | Door Raid Only | loot++ | high tier loot | gauss rifle - 25k referral system

    We Would like to invite you to join ElementZ You can join our discord If that does not work then try All information regarding everything on the server is in the discord Server Ip: Mods on the server BBP, Codelock, inventory...
  9. M

    - PS4/5 | Southernsurvivor.SS Livonia | 80xLOOT | Bases | Heli crashes | Discord

    ꧁ S O U T H E R N S U R V I V O R ꧂ ꧁ L I V O N I A ꧂ -GROWING COMMUNITY- ————————————————— ☑️PS4/5 - EU/US ☑️ 32 Slots for now 3️⃣2️⃣ ☑️ SouthernSurvivor.SS Livonia ✅ ☑️ Discord for information about TRADER‼️...
  10. K

    The Brave PVP - Namalsk (Custom Map)

    Me and a friend have just started our own dayz server called The Brave and im reaching out to any people who are interested in the namalsk map which has been customized drastically with new towns, new military spots, updated main locations i.e vorkuta, jalovisko and lubjansk. This server has...
  11. Noises

    (PC) The Grassy Knoll Dayz Server

    The Grassy Knoll Our Dayz server we try to bring you as close to a realistic style of apocalypse. We are looking for new players who are not looking for an overpopulated server with bases everywhere. We are fresh and ready to bring on our new survivors to our server to build new bases and...
  12. S

    Patriots Paradise - DeerIsle RP/PVP/PVE Balance | PlayerTraders

    Features - Player Controlled Traders - Toxic Zones- Tremendous Loot - New Weapons - New Vehicles - New Clothing - Only Building Rules - PvP Kos Allowed (Recommend RP - Growable Drugs for RP - Standing safely on moving Vehicles - BaseBuildingPlus - Tons of New base items - Bounty Hunting -...
  13. StonerMunchies


    BLAYZ (US) (PC) IP&PORT: BLAYZ is a new and upcoming DayZ server looking for members / staff! we are newly founded and are looking to build a community! The server is modded with: Helicopters Unlimited Stam Custom Weapons Custom Vehicles Improved Base building Code Locks...
  14. KubaK

    DayZ DeadLand - New Server Just for You

    I just made a server which is fresh and ready for suggestions what could be inside this server to make your gameplay nice. I have couple mods which are improving some gameplay, but server is still like vanilla, no traders, no unlimited stamina mod, map is included but only works when you have...
  15. W

    WHG Survival Instinct

    Pure Survival PVP. Load of brilliant mods from Steam Workshop with a view to make all our own in the future. Great staff team on board. Immersion at it's best. Need something to curdle your blood, make it boil perhaps? Well you found it. Need a nice place to rest your weary head from...
  16. S


    Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, Vanilla Building, BBP, great community and added vehicles and high tier weapons, Drugs, plus much more please...
  17. G

    The Badlands |Lootx4, Altar Blackmarket, NEAF, Trader, ATM, Inv++, Etc.| IP

    Welcome to The Badlands! (Early Development) We are brand new to the DayZ modded server community and want to offer a wide spectrum of unique gameplay and make “The Badlands” stand out from the rest. We are open to taking new ideas! We are also open to taking discord/in-game admins for the...
  18. Blakyl_

    The Hunt \/ 1PP | Organic RP | Spawn Select | Expansion | Bases

    Looking for a more hardcore DayZ experience but the fun of the good old dayz? We were big fans of Arma 2 DayZ and the early DayZ Standalone. So We tried our best to add the best of both to make "The Hunt". Core Features First person Only, no crosshair. A worked and balanced loot econnomy. A...
  19. Vindict6

    [WAR LOOT]Vin6's Bubonic Hellscape

    Server with loot balanced towards PVP and vehicles, Slow days and short nights, vanilla. NO WIPES--Stock up. Looking for a challenge, so send your best. --Vin6
  20. W

    [NEW] LightZ Out-200K START-4X LOOT-50K REFERRAL-BreachingCharge

    Brand new server. Was just launched last Friday. Current mod are: @CF;@Trader;@Ear-Plugs;@Banking;@VanillaPlusPlusMap;@DisableBaseDestruction;@SchanaModGlobalChat;@VPPAdminTools;@CPBWeapons;@Unlimited Stamina;@SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run;@No Glove Or Shoe...