Q 2: How to make a top list running in global channel?


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Good evening fellow forum members and scripters,
my second question is maybe a little bit different and I think it`s pretty much impossible.

GOAL TO ACHIEVE (Overwatch 0.2.5)
Server "will tell" in global after every restart for example the following:
TOP 3 BANDITS - Evilman -95000, PotatoMan - 70000, CarrotEater -35000 TOP 3 HEROES - JungleFighter +23000, CaveDigger +15000, GrassCroucher +10000, TOP 3 KILLS - CampingtheCampers 10, SilentMan 5, CoastlineRunner 3
How to put on this feature allowing people to know after every restart the top list in global?

I thank you in advance of your time and hope that this thread with possbile solutions will help many others in the future also.

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i guess this could be done with B3 (BigBrotherBot - bigbrotherbot.net) with the !stats command or something like this...