Random Premade Starting Gear


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Bliss Package for random pre-made loadouts
Simple code for random chance of pre-made spawn loadouts..

To enable detection of new player spawns,
u need to alter your default inventory spawn to ["New Player"] in your instance table.

Note:- All the spawn loadouts are hardcoded, u need to edit file to adjust to what u want.


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Basicly it works like this

U die or it's your first time playing on server

Bliss loads up default loadout = ["New Player"] from the database...
(workaround since bliss currently has new player flag disabled)

Code has a check that if your inventory = ["New Player"] it random generates a number X between 1-100.
Based on X it gives the player a preset inventory loadout...

So if u wanted u could make up a loadout with a
5% chance of player spawning with nvgs & mp5 & acu backpack.


So its just random chance of different (pre-made) starting gear...
Hi guys,

I am a newbie serveradmin, but I have learned very fast to administrate my own dayz server.
I am sorry, i don't understand how to paste in the "server_playerlogin.sqf" into my server.
I have made the follwing steps:

1.I have uploaded the dayz_server.po from my server.
2. opened this file with pbo.manager
3. copied the downloaded "server_playerlogin.sqf" from this thread into the path in pbo.
4. copied the procieded pbo in to my server.

It doesn't work

Can u give me an instruction or tutorial?
Hi, can u tell me all steps?
I have done it how do you asked it to me.
It does't work! It only spawns in Kameni, all time.
It only spawns with czech back pack, flashlight, painkiller, 2x bandage, but i haven't entrys with this things in the config!
Where is the mistake?

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Bob was killed
Bob was killed
Bob was killed
Bob was killed
Bob was killed
Bob was killed
Bob was killed
Bob was killed
Bob "Yay, got a good loadout"

Thats what i can see with this:D Great work though


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U can always alter the code yourself
Adjust the chances of getting a loadout...
And change up what the player gets yourself if u want...

Personnally i like the chances of getting a useful loadout = rare, to reduce chances of players keep killing themselves for a decent loadout.
Plus i am changing up the loadouts slighty each week to keep things interesting abit

@Heidei if u read the readme, i mention the loadouts are hardcoded.
If u want to change them u need to edit the files...

Also the loadout u been getting is i believe 65% chance of getting, thats why u keep seeing it.


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is there anyway to make it different instead of getting loadouts get good spawns like cherno, electro and let it be in mysql so you dont have to edit the sqf all the time on specific players