really need help in putting inidbi on wastland server!!!


I am not the best scripter in the world I admit
but all I want to get my server up and running is the god dam inidbi and no matter what I do it wont work
I just get stuck on a black screen saying please wait up to 1-2 mins
I have been trying for 3 days with now luck
my server is based at FPSplayers and they say they have helped me enough and cant troubleshoot my server

so please please can someone please help me my ts is

my name is Robocop on there

p.s I have even tried the call compile line which say that I should not have in since you activate it though the init and config
but it come up with
script not found /inidbi/init.sqf

please help me!!!!
Hey Joe,
You shouldn't need to call from mission/init via call compile line.
Who is your server provider?
Just add your @inidbi folder to your root directory and add the additional launch para into command line.
Ex. -mod=@inidbi

Hope this helps if not then I'll jump on your TS when I get home work and we'll get it going :)
hi i am in the uk and was out last night sorry if i missed you

i have done what u said before a hundred times [not kidding!!]

and still get stuck on black screen saying 1-2 mins to spawn and never does

i have really lost it with it lol

cheers for the reply