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    Made this and released it on the Epoch Forum a while back, nothing special, just figured I would share it.




    Step 1:

    Open your dayz_spaceInterrupt and find this line:

    if (_dikCode == 210) then {
    Under that you will see a line that looks like this:

    _nill = execvm "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\playerstats.sqf";
    Replace that line with this line:

    _nill = execvm "custom\playerstats.sqf";
    Step 2:

    Copy this code:
    //Let Zeds know
    [player,4,true,(getPosATL player)] spawn player_alertZombies;
    hintSilent parseText format ["
        <t size='1.6' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#FACC2E'>Server Name</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#5882FA'>%7 Players Online</t><br/><br/>
        <t size='1.20' font='Bitstream' color='#00FF00'>Survived %6 Days</t><br/><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Zombies Killed: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%1</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Headshots: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%2</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Murders: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%3</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Bandits Killed: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%4</t><br/><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Humanity: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%5</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#C70000'>Blood: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right' color='#C70000'>%8</t><br/><br/>
        <t size='1.20' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#16DB57'>Restart in %10 minutes</t><br/>
        <t size='1.20' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#FF8000'>FPS: %9</t><br/>
        <t size='1.20' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#FFFF00'>www.Website.com</t><br/>
        <t size='1.20' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#FFFFFF'>TeamSpeak Info</t><br/>",
        (player getVariable['zombieKills', 0]),
        (player getVariable['headShots', 0]),
        (player getVariable['humanKills', 0]),
        (player getVariable['banditKills', 0]),
        (player getVariable['humanity', 0]),
        (count playableUnits),
        (round diag_fps),
        (round(120-(serverTime) / 60))

    Open a blank text document using Notepad++ or an editor of your choice and paste in the code that you just copied. Save it to your custom folder as playerstats.sqf.

    Make any changes you want to make :)

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