[Release] [CPC] Name Tags

[CPC] Name Tags 1.0

Allows you to identify close range players who are in your line of sight.

Difficulty: Easy = Blue <10

  • Download cpcnametags.sqf
  • Put cpcnametags.sqf inside your root mission folder
  • Edit your init.sqf and add the following code to the bottom of the file
// CPC Nametags
[] execVM "cpcnametags.sqf";

  • You must look directly at your target.
  • It does not work through obstacles.
  • It does not work on free look or over obstacles in 3rd person.
  • Limited to a range of 5m (customizable).
  • Your target must be alive.
  • Works with all versions of DayZ and likely all mods for Arma.
To change the range edit this bit of code in the cpcnametags.sqf on line 6
if((isPlayer cursorTarget) && (alive cursorTarget) && (side cursorTarget == side player) && (player distance cursorTarget < 5)) then {
Change the number "5" to the desired value.

Planned features:
Humanity Value under a certain range.
Blood value if holding a blood bag/other item and not in combat.

Still considering the implications of adding extra information to the features. All suggestions welcome.

Created by: [CPC] ToejaM