[Release]dayz epoch jadegroove 1.0


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here is a dayz epoch port to jade groove, i included 2 versions of server files, one is development(you can spawn stuff run different mods use debug console) and vanilla which is just plain dayz epoch jade groove experience. unpack either version to your arma2 operation arrowhead ( The database is up to date)In development version DONT overwrite dayz_code with original dayz epoch file.. You have to start server and mysql with DayZ_Epoch_instance_11_jadegroove.bat .
STEAM USERS= @arma file is there for users who run arma2 on steam and you will have to copy addons from your arma2 folder to arma2 operation arrowhead into @arma folder "this is just for server". client side of arrowhead should have arma2 in Expansion if you installed it correctly . To run this server you will need jadegroove by IceBreakr and latest dayz epoch by [VB]AWOL .
and if error pops up "cannot open fuelstation something" just click continue.

links to files :D
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