[Release] Easy 3rd person limit


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Easy 3rd person limit

This scripts allows server administrators to easily choose what vehicles a player cannot use the third person view in.

Easy = Blue <5
  • mission.pbo
Installation Steps -
  1. Download the '3rd.sqf' script from the download link below
  2. Place it in your 'custom' folder, if you don't have one create one
  3. Open you 'init.sqf' and add at the end:
[] execVM "custom\3rd.sqf"; //3rd person limit
To adjust what vehicles force the player to use first person you should make changes to the '_types' array which can be found at the top of the '3rd.sqf' script. The '_types' array should contain vehicles by their type for example "car" would remove third person from all cars. You can also be more specific by using a class name, so for example if you wanted third person on all aircraft but the AH6X you would add "AH6X_DZ" to the '_types' array. The three main vehicle types are man, air and car, all vehicle classes and types can be found here.

To change the message the player receives adjust the '_vMsg' and '_fMsg' variables.'_fMsg' is used when a player is not in a vehicle'_vMsg' is used when they are, the '%1' in each represents the position of the list of types defined in the '_types' array. If preferred the message can be displayed as a hint by changing '_hint = false;' to '_hint = true;'. The message can be completely disabled by changing '_displayMsg = true;' to '_displayMsg = false;'.

If you have any issues make a post in the help thread found at the link below.