Rmod problem: stuck inside vehicle/chopper on get out

Since I re-enabled Rmod on my server, I have a very weird problem:

When I get out of C130J, UH47, Blackhawk, Mi17 etc. etc. I am standing inside the vehicle, can get out by walking or proning, but it still *********** annoying to say the least.
I have tried everything that is possibly possible: Reinstall/re-enable server-side and client-side.
Both did not help at all.

Does anyone know this bug/glitch? And how to solve it ofcourse :)

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, but the funny thing is, it NEVER happend before! I've been using Rmod for a long time without those weird glitches and suddenly when I re-enable it: glitches, glitches everywhere.


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Anti teleport was introduced in 1.7.6 which checks the players movement if its too fast The problem is the code checks for obscure speeds. ie. mi17 which drops off at ruffly 5.97m. The player position for exiting the mi17 is at the front doors, this is 5.97m from the centre of the chopper. So when the player exits the vehicle they "teleport" to that new spot and the code resets the position to counter it. It was fixed for 1.7.7 But I haven't looked at the code to fix it, simply enough it will be to add a check for small distances.


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It's not that straightforward, given it's in the client files.

What i did is copy the player_monitor.sqf and player_monitor.fsm from the dayz_code.pbo to a /fixes folder in my mission.pbo

Then change in your new player_monitor.fsm:

      "[] execVM ""\z\addons\dayz_code\system\antihack.sqf"";" \n
      "//[] execVM ""\z\addons\dayz_code\system\antihack.sqf"";" \n

change your player_monitor.sqf to this (adjust path to your /fixes folder)

if (isServer) then {
_id = [] execFSM "addons\fixes\player_monitor.fsm";
Last step is to adjust your init.sqf, 2 changes needed here:

a) (again, adjust for where your /fixes is)

    //_playerMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.sqf";
    _playerMonitor = [] execVM "addons\fixes\player_monitor.sqf";

and b) add :

if (isServer) then {
    // overwriting the Dayz teleport check
    "atp"                    addPublicVariableEventHandler {};
in your init.sqf at the end.

BOOYAAAH!!! GOT IT WORKING :) Battleye was kicking me for Script restriction #20 so I changed line 22 from value 5 to value 1, now, the fix is indeed working, I can get out of my lovely chinook normally again. Thank you all so much for fixing this :) Also, I had another script in: dome. BE was also kicking me for that, so I changed lines 42 and 43 from 5 to 1 and now I can play again :)