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    Smoothly running DayZ Overpoch Origins server

    Hello! I'm Jynkky and owner and scripter of this server. Server runs smoothly and has some good and useful addons. If any kind of help is needed just ask me in side chat.
    Deploy Bike
    Tow & Lift
    Safe Zones
    No VoIP
    Snap Buiilding pro

    I've edited traders so there is classic M107 available for purchase from Black market trader. M107 it's same thing that L115A Lapua Sniper. Lapua can only found in Bandit camp/Hero camp. Ghillie suit is also available for purchase.
    Destroying bases is bannable. I mean if you kamikaze or use satchel to destroy someone base. Don't salvage or destroy car wheels of LOCKED vehicles. And only Finnish and English language in side chat!

    Come and join us! :) Happy playing!

    Origins Overpoch Chernarus

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