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Hi everybody !

My name is John and i'm a Arma gamer, i have been playing Arma 2, especially Dayz for a yea now.
A group of people and myself are currently workig on a Mod for Arma II, we'll maybe move on to Arma III in the future but that's not our worry for now. I am talking here of a Dayz Mod, a new variant.
We have been in development for 4 months. As you may expect we are still in early closed dev build.

We want to implement new features and new content to make a better DayZ experience. More importantly giving to the players something to do while surviving and not just randomly killing spawns. I am working on the map editing and bringing some new content to the game. I have seen the work done on the forum and that game me a lot of inspiration for my work. Right now i am working on the North West Air Field and i have to say, it is going to look fabulous once we get in on the mod.

At the beginning we were just a community playing on Arma, then we decided it was time to move on and create our own Mod. A mod like o other that would fit in our community.
I am not going to reveal the features right now, for the basic reasons.

Our groug is made of :
-a programmer
-a helpful bug finder
-a professional 3D artist
-myself working on the map
-all of the guys from the community who test the build

Our main issue is that our 3D artist has only been trained to model vehicles and houses (exterioir and interior), NOT weapons. We would like to find a friendly person willing to work with us to create well modelled weapons. In addition to that, the person has to know how to rig and animate the gun on the skeleton in Oxygen 2.

→ Needs to know how to MODEL; RIG; ANIMATE; IMPORT
→ Knows how to configure the config.cpp file and anim
→ Mature and Nice with the other devs

→ Be part of a Dayz Mod
→ Add your own ideas and thoughts on the mod
→ Work with some nice dudes
→ Play the closed alpha and closed beta with the other device
→ Learn French ! Just kidding, some of us speak English
→ And of course, get access to the closed devs/pre alpha/alpha/beta

Thank you for reading,

PM or contact
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