Secret Epoch Cherno Base


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This is not my work....This was originally done by someone from CCG. With that said its a very cool base that exists north of Kamenka on the western side of the map. It utilizes the infostands code for the base entrance's either through the roof using heli or the bottom entrance either walking or driving.

Here is a quick video showing the base...sorry for the poor quality.

You will also need this code for the infostands

In the bottom section of the base code is where you add the player id's of the people you want allowed in the base. Example below.

_vehicle_1298 = objNull;
if (true) then
  _this = createVehicle ["Infostand_1_EP1", [209.48058, 6010.6997, 9.1552734e-005], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
  _vehicle_1298 = _this;
  _this setDir 180.33745;
  _this setPos [209.48058, 6010.6997, 9.1552734e-005];
  _this setVariable ["TargetBuilding",[_vehicle_120],true];
  _this setVariable ["AllowRemoval",1,true];
  _this setVariable ["AllowedList", ["000000000,000000000,000000000"], true];
So replace the 000000000,000000000,000000000 with the id's of the players. There are 4 places to add the code.....Bottom entrance on the outside and inside infostand. And also the roof infostand outside / inside.