Server appearing twice in the lan browser

hi guys,

First of all THANK YOU for your work. I've got a 1.8.5 server running with almost no issues using dayz cc. However, occasionally when the server is started it will be listed twice in the lan browser (essentially duplicated). Connecting to either one will connect to the same instance. When this happens the server will usually crash at some point, though the only thing listed in the logs is the generation of a mini dump file which I have yet to work out how to look at. Have you seen this issue before?

Sorry for the late reply - when this occurs I don't see arma2oaserver listed twice in the taskmgr; however I do see the Apache process listed twice. Additionally the "restart" server button doesn't seem to do anything.

I find that stopping the server without manually stopping Apache and MySQL and the starting the server again will reliably lead to arma2oaserver crashing. So I've been stopping those processes and restarting them for server reboots (seems to have cleared up the issue).