Server wont show online(i know what your gonna say)


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OK so my server wont show online, I've forwarded all necessary ports added all necessary firewall exceptions, tried with firewall disabled.

Now here is the kicker.

I was trying to setup an origins server with the leaked files (I'm close just on the back burner ATM) now while i was setting it up and running it people kept joining even though it clearly was called TEST DO NOT JOIN but that's beside the point, it was online.

I found the Base Building mod 1.2 and decided to setup a server running it.
I'm using Reality server pack and have the base building mod going fine except it wont show up online.

any suggestions or idea's about what i may have done wrong in the setup of Reality or incorporating the base building mod code would be greatly appreciated.


What does online mean to you? Showing in commander, or showing in the ARMA2 browser? If it shows in the ARMA2 browser it is online.

I don't know what kind of black magic witchcraft is required to get it on DZC.


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reportingIP = ""; make sure in your config file it says this for reporting IP, this will allow it to show in DZC