Session Lost

Alright, so I made an account to hopefully get an answer once and for all. I'll start with the beginning: back in the day when the dayz mod was a thing (patch 1.62 for arma oa I think) I used to play dayz, A LOT but then I took a break. That has been a few years back so I wanted to play it again a few days ago since a friend of mine asked about it. I own Arma 2 CO on Steam and had a clean install for both Arma2 and Arma2OA, I got DayZLauncher since DayZCommander is not a thing anymore and installed Dayz 1.8.7. all good till I wanted to join a vanilla Dayz server and this error occured - ''Session lost'' and since then I've been scouting the internet and tried EVERY single thing to help solve the issue: veryfing game cache for both games, moving AddOns folder, re-installing both games, re-installing BattlEye and DayZ and I just can't figure it out! Firewall is not blocking anything, my actual OS is Windows 10 and I don't seem to have problema with it. I can't join any servers! What else am I supposed to do?!