SHG's New Chernarus PVP/PVE Epoch Server NOW OPEN!!

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    May 22, 2014
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    New Chernarus PVP/PVE Epoch Server!!
    The Slaughterhouse!


    Very Smooth/High FPS/No Lag!
    We Have A Live Streamer!! (Be Seen on Twitch!)

    Loaded With Features and Scripts:-Weekly Hosted Admin Events -All Traders are Safe Zones with Anti-Stealing -Latest Anti-Hacks -Indestructible Cinder/Metal -Snap Building -No Plot Pole Required -No Base Maintain -No Base Decay -Helicopter Evacuation -Deploy Bike/Motorbike/Mozzie -AI Missions (DZMS,WAI,FMission) -AI Fortress With Major Loot -AI Aircraft Carrier With Loot -Supply Drops -Locked Vehicle Takes No Damage -Auto-Refuel -No Carry Weight -Self Blood Bag -Take Clothes From The Dead -Tow/Lift -New MV22 Osprey Animations -Custom Debug Monitor -Suicide -Custom Buildings Throughout Map -Custom Items Added To Traders -Gem Trader -Heavy Weapons Trader -Emerald Interior Designs

    Mention "SHG Kit" To An Admin and Get A Starter Kit!!

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