Short Cord's Admin Tools

Short Cord's Admin Tools

Like the title says, it gives In-game Admins a tool menu that is highly expandable.​
It can be edited with ease, regardless if you know SQF or not!​

Now for some backstory, I heavly edited this from a HackPack for built for Dayz
It was more of a "What can I get working on this server?", using BluePhonix Admin tools as a way to trigger it in-game.
It has then grown from a 'hack-in-slash' Menu to a polished Menu that is in use on my servers today!

Tools: cpbo; Notepad++ (Hopfuly with the SQF language addon)

------>Depending on which Triggering Method<------
Need files for Blur Anti-Hack Method(Free or Paid): dayz_server.pbo (with Anti-Hack already installed)
Need files for Provided Trigger Method: dayz_server.pbo; mission.pbo

Expected Time: About 20 to 30 Mins, Depending on understanding of SQF

Difficulty: Moderate = 25

Let's get started, Shall we?

Installation Steps (Blur Anti-Hack)
(Keep in mind these instructions are writen using Blur's Free release of his Anti-Hack)

1. Extract the dayz_server.pbo and look for SQF file that is Blur's Antihack, in my case it is named "ah.sqf"

2. Open it up in Notepad++, then Ctrl+F for this line of code:
"KeyUp", "if ((_this select 1) == 0xD3) then {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers
Change that entire line to:
(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyUp", "if ((_this select 1) == 0xD3) then {call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\tools\start.sqf";};"];
3. Put the "tools" folder you got from the download link in the root of dayz_server

4. Repack and upload, Once in-game press "Delete" (Key above your Arrow Keys) and the menu should pop up.

5. Enjoy!


Installation Steps (Provieded Trigger)

1. Extract the dayz_server.pbo, copy the "tools" folder then Repack.

2. Extract your mission file and open the init.sqf in Notepad++

3. Add this line in the very bottom:
[] execVM "initadmin.sqf"
4. Copy the file named "initadmin.sqf" from the downloaded zip in the root of the mission folder

5. Open the file "initadmin.sqf" and add your Admin's UID in
if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["*UIDs Here*","*Other UIDs Here*"]) then {
6. Repack and Upload both PBOs

7. Login and wait for the Hint in the upper-right hand corner to say "Press Delete"

8. Enjoy!


"The hint doesn't show/ Menu will not open!"
Re-Read the install steps, if you are freshly installing Blur's Anti-Hack then test it first before installing my tools

"*Script* Gets me kicked!"
I'm not that good with Battleye, I let Blur's Antihack take care of script kiddys. Try putting only this in your scripts.txt:
5 "[_this,\"players\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf\";"

Any qustions? Post a reply and I'll try to help!