Spawn Vehicle on DayZ without Rmod

Hello, I want to add helicopter, weapons or vehicles in my server Dayz Chernarus. The fact is that I have made ​​in the init.sqf scripts, and they work perfectly, but when active rmod to add more vehicles to the map, the scripts do not work that worked previously.
As I have understood that there is another way is to edit a file that uses the Dayz mod called "config.cpp" which is inside "dayz_anim.pbo" as it has banned the vehicles listed. I edited this file "config.cpp" and when I try to connect to my own server, the client says says: Wrong signature for file ... \ @ Dayz \ addons \ dayz_anim.pbo

Does anyone know how I can edit the file without that error?
Thank you.
PD: the server version is: dayz and ArmA OA 103419
it works me well, but i have problem with seeing spawned vehicle. vehicle is in DB and spawn, but in game is nothing. blank real position in game. This vehicle is unbanned in dayz_anim.pbo

And now your error.
this error i have, when i have server and client in this same PC and same game folder. Take your "server" in other file and in client repair dayz mod. but here is problem with seeing new vehicle, other else is in DB perfekt.