[StaR] DayZ Epoch [Friendly/Active Admins l Extra Vehicles l Custom Loot l And much more!

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    Hey Guys this is a brand new epoch server I am hosting The server has the following

    • Animated Heli, AN2 Crash
    • Name Tags
    • Selfbloodbag
    • Autorefuel
    • Salvage modification to remove every part
    • NPC (Sarge AI) with modified weapons
    • Side Missions (EMS) with reduced loot
    • Custom debugmonitor with mission display
    • AI Zone Alpha
    • Several Map Updates
    • Churches replaced to be accessable
    • New Traders & Changes
    • Traders Safezone
    • Wrecks with Loot
    • Service Station near Stary City
    • Snap Building
    • Indestructible Bases
    • Extra Vehicles (Merlin, M113Ambul_UN_EP1, BTR40_TK_GUE_EP1 , M1133_MEV_EP1, Bell Heli)
    • No Plot
    • Tow & Lift with modified vehicle/heli list
    • No Tow on locked vehicles
    • Sarge AI invisible fix
    • Vehicle Master Key
    • EVAC Chopper
    • No Salvage on locked vehicles
    • No Damage on locked vehicles
    "And also these map additions!"

    • New Trader cities
    • Bridges to islands Otmel and Skalisty
    • Junkyard
    • Extra Charnarus Buildings
    • Topolka Dam Military Base
    • Black Lake Military Base
    • Hidden Killers Ranch
    • Wreck Sites
    • Dead Castle
    • Devils Caste
    • Prigindy City
    • Tikhaya City
    • Train Wreck
    • Dubrovka Detruit
    • Camping Tents
    • Cherno Quarantine
    • New Buildings Balota
    • New Buildings Cherno
    • New Buildings Kamenka
    Come and join in now!

    Server IP

    Hope to see you guys ingame soon!

    Neonz xD

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