Startup Parameters


These are all available parameters you can start the applications with as of

"DayZ Server Controlcenter.exe"
  • -skipupdate - Disables the auto update check
  • -forceupdate - Forces the download of the latest update files
  • -skipsplash - Skips the splash screen completly
  • -skipwhitelist - No second window on the right and therefore no connection will be made to BattlEye
"DayZ Server Setup.exe"
  • -skipdownload - Skips downloading of the serverfiles, only use this if they are already downloaded "Serverfiles.tar.gz"
  • -skipextraction - Skips extraction of the downloaded archive, only use if they are already extracted to "%temp%\Serverfiles"
  • -skipcopy - Skips copying of the files to the ArmA directory, if this is used, all previous can be used too
  • -skipdatabase - Skips installation or updating of the databases
  • -skipsecurity - Skips changing of the MySQL password, if it is empty
  • -skipbackup - Skips the backup creation before files are copied, has no effect with -skipcopy or -fresh
  • -fresh - Will force a fresh installation
  • -nowindow - Disables the wizard entirely and allows you to let it run from commandline
  • -uXXXX - Sets the MySQL user that will be used to "XXXX", recommended with the -nowindow switch
  • -pXXXX - Sets the MySQL password that will be used to "XXXX", recommended with the -nowindow switch
  • -iX - Setup will work with X server instances instead of the default 6