static ai bases

been messing around with sarge ai on my server and most dont like it but the suggestion came up it would be good set to a single area/areas like devils castle maybe podeba dam.
Make it have high value loot there make it a task for players.
is this possible?


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static you set where the AI are. Dynamic means they will spawn where your players are.

So if you want to guard a specific area, you would want static.
You can tell SARGE AI to noty spawn anything elsewhere but your specifically defined area - you just need to do alot of editing to get the sector groups set to 0,0,0 so no bandit, survivor or military units spawn.

Then set up a single spawn point, with the center area where you want them.

I have never looked at DZAI, so I cant tell if it is easier, better, worse or anything - just pointing out that it can be done as well in SARGE.
I like the DZAI. The Heli Patrols for DZAI are some lethal, tenacious bastards. I use DZAI on both my servers and the players really like it...except when the AI plug their asses with lead! I use a dynamic spawn so no one knows when or where the AI will spawn.


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Also am wondering how this is done on a overwatch server. I use static spawns but never set it up someone else did.
So I want to know how to do extra spawn points to the a.i. camps I added to the map. And your right heli patrols are great.