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SurvivalZ is a new modded DayZSA server, we just launched our beta yesterday. We're not just trying to make a fun server, we are trying to make a community as well. There's currently no white-list but we plan to add one once we start getting more players.
1.1 Players must not troll, abuse, or grief other players on the server.
1.2 Hostile situations and negotiating terms must be made clear and realistic.
1.3 Players are not allowed to return within 1km~ of where they last died (if to a player) for 1H after death - exceptions being if within 2km~ of the shoreline.
1.4 Land mines and tripwire bombs can only be placed in Military areas.
1.5 All bases require at least 1 entrance at all times.
1.6 You are not allowed to destroy or mess with other players bases, you may only edit it with them if they have given you clear permission to do so.
1.7 Your ingame name must match your forum account name. Whilst this isn't strictly enforced yet, it will be in the near future and you are advised to do so. Players named 'survivor' or the wrong name may be kicked without warning.
1.8 KOS is limited. Whilst you will be allowed to do it, please be aware we are a survival game, not a pvp game, thus frequent killings of the same players can be seen as a form of griefing.
1.9 Baiting/Luring is not allowed - the act of persuading or encouraging players to lead them into dangerous situations.
2.0 Players should not exploit any bugs found in the game, exceptions being minor visual bugs that cannot be prevented.

-3x Increased Loot | Loot will also take longer to despawn and replace itself more often
-Increased Zombies | Roughly 150% increased zombie spawns compared to Vanilla servers
-Airdrops | Every hour a plane will fly over the map and drop a crate of valuable items, you can see the crate with a smoke signal
-Zombie hordes | Get trigger happy or plain unlucky and you may find yourself running into a large horde of zombies
-Shore spawns | Default spawns will be along the coastline to give the old DayZ mod feel
-Custom Classes | Default classes have been improved with more useful starting out items
-Kill messages | See ingame of messages with when and how players die
-Safezone | The town of x is marked as a safezone, you can not be attacked or harmed by other players whilst in this area
-Trader | Buy and sell your loot by finding a trader, who have setup shop at different areas of the map
-Winter Map | Play with our custom snow version of Chernarus. Be careful of the harsher winds and colder temperatures, animals are also on the hunt for food
-Shorter nights | Weather has been changed, days are longer and nights are shorter
-Admin panel | Nicer admin panel for better server control
-Build anywhere | Setup your base at any location you like
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