OverPoch NEW PVE server for NEWBIES/NEW PLAYERS. Start here and learn how to play

Server Ip:

- Our servers have been up and running since 2013. We are now offering NEW and FRESH DATABASE servers so players can start exploring again.

- Our goal is to keep the server lag-free with high FPS. That's why we don't install unnecessary scripts on the server unless it's requested and voted by our member. When we install a script, we make sure it runs properly and up to date.

- Active Admins, Friendly Players and Helpful Community.


- Players versus Environment, No stealing, Harrasing, Base raiding.

- This server is made for New Players/Newbies intentionally who just started the game and want to learn how to play.

- If you are pro, join us to help others.

- No Hacking, scripting, cheating or abusing players.

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