Syntax Chernarus |1PP|Stam+|Loot+|Map+|Airdrops|NoTrader|NoBases


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The Syntax Community has made a server for DayZ. We come from FiveM and have decided to start up a more authentic Dayz server with a hardcore feel.

Server Name: Syntax Chernarus |1PP|Stam+|Loot+|Map+|Airdrops|NoTrader|NoBases

Join the community for updates and more:

If you are interested in a server that is 1st person and on the hardcore side I would recommend checking our server out. We have tweaked Syntax Chernarus to provide a hardcore experience while keeping the nuisances at bay. We have a custom stamina, weight, hold breathe system, loot tables, persistence times, airdrop settings, map edits (new points of interest on Chernarus instead of going Stary-->NWAF, you can go to NEAF/Balota and more!

  • Various modded in clothing and weapons from the community.
  • Custom stamina/hold breathe system.
  • Vehicles/helicopters
  • There is no trader or base building
  • Loot spawns for various items (food/water/maps/compasses are higher than usual). If you have map you can press M and it will display your ingame location on the map, as well as show where airdrops have landed.
  • Airdrops have 4 different tiers. (one airdrop will literally drop car parts / gas / tents)
  • Various points of interests to change the gameplay loop of chernarus.
  • You can use tents / chests to store things for 14days.
Quick steps to join the server:
  1. If you are new to DayZ, make sure you have launched it at least once from Steam, and then exited the game.
  2. Download the DZSA Launcher from
  3. Run the DZSA Launcher, click Settings, verify your DayZ path and set your ingame name. Make sure to set your in-game name to something that is not survivor and does not contain special characters or you will be kicked. Like so:
  4. Filter for Syntax Chernarus and hit play and you'll be in the server once the mods are downloaded by the launcher.
Server Name: Syntax Chernarus
Join the community for updates and more:

Hope to see you there!
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Recent Updates
[]We have removed the gun lift feature. When your weapons is to close to an object it no longer aims up.
[]We have increased blood regen per second a bit more.
[]We have decreased the loss of food and water per tick and damage per HP when low on water/food.
[] Bounty system.

ServerName: Syntax Chernarus |1PP|Stam+|Loot+|Map+|Airdrops|Vehs|NoTrader