Taser issue overwatch 0.2.5


New Member
Hello fellow gamers,

I have an issue relating the taser in overwatch 0.2.5
Maybe one of you have the solution to my issue.

I've already found out that our admin script is causing it.
If i disable this then it works perfectly.
So what doesnt work ?
Well if i want to tase an AI for example it shoots and it hits the AI, or player same deal but it wont tase them down.

i have looked in the script but i didnt find anything relating to this.
I think the script is blocking the action to turn the ai or player down to the ground.
I already have contacted the creator of the Script but he wont respond,
that is why i try to get some help here.

The admin script iam running is from INFISTAR
and i see alot of servers having it without my issue.
Iam not a script writer nor do i understand it fully iam currently learning everything from other people's tutorials and youtube.

So if anyone have some spare time and wants to help me out abit that would be great.

Thanks in advance