Taviana Epoch servers?

Ye we have just started an Epoch server. we haven't advertised it as we still editing a lot.
Anybody though that wants to pop on is more than welcome

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Why join a Taviana server if you can also play on DayZ Epoch Origins?

Join now THE FIRST DayZ Epoch Origins Server. We have all the popular scripts:

- Build Snapping
- Auto fuel
- Side Missions
- Evac Chopper
& More

Now we have running our Epoch with the Map and stuff from Origins. How to join?
- Download DayZ Origins (just use DayZ Commander)
- Open DayZ Commander and go to Settings. By Additional Launch Parameters just put in: -mod=@DayZOrigins
- Join our server: IP or by name [XS42] NEW DayZ Epoch Origins

The first people who joins get a donation pack to build a nice base. Just warn a admin by chat if you join.

Soon we hope to add some more stuff:

- Building Bandit/Hero houses
- Sector B Spawning AI

Hope to see you all soon!

Yes thanks I tried your server !
All though the concept of playing Epoch on the Origins map at first made me go YES.
I was soon brought back down to earth with the drop in FPS on the Origins map running in the back ground. I went on my own Epoch server and stood on a castle looking north achieved 110 fps. Joined your server and stood the exact same position looking the exact same way 45fps. Think you need to rip all them cars and shit off that map.

I really wish you luck with this as i said in chat and hope it doesnt get ripped down on you.

Think we will for now continue to develop and add to are own Taviana map and see were it goes.

Good luck

Now we have the Taviana Map running Epoch well - How to join?
- Download DayZ Epoch (just use DayZ Commander)
- Download DayZ Taviana (DayzTaviana.com):2 (just use DayZ Commander)
- Open DayZ Commander and go to Settings. By Additional Launch Parameters just put in: -mod=@Taviana
- Join our server: IP or by name Descolada
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Thanks for your feedback.

How many player does the server have where you did get 145FPS?
How many scripts are there running on that server?
What is the view distance of that server?

Think this explains why the FPS is lower on our server. The view distance is higer than normal and we are running many scripts. Dont think the map of Origins is the problem. But succes running your own Taviana server.
We get high FPS on our server. Epoch Taviana, no origins stuff. Search "Salvation City Epoch"

All the popular scripts and then some. Extended view distance (see over 4k with no fog!).

We're looking at a few more days of working on it then we'll be advertising starting next week.

Come check us out at Reddit.com/r/SalvationCityEpoch
^^DOT: I'm not sure how saying I get high FPS on my server makes me stupid. I join one server and my FPS sits around 8-14 and I join mine and see 14-20. Plain and simple.

Also if you're going to call some body stupid online, check your spelling before you post.

Stop trolling or GTFO.

EDIT: Ohh I see now that you advertised your server a few posts up so you wanted to talk shit on mine. Real effective I'm sure you got a huge surge in players for calling me stupid.
We changed our Taviana over to Epoch Origins and it runs fine, we don't have excessive scripts. Also, on the first day it was up, D0T came on the server and advertised theirs! lol


Feel free to check out our server, we try our best to keep it running smooth,
its brand new so you wont find much pvp yet, but we try our best to install more fun things as we go..
Prime objective is to bring some Ark aspects to the server (from the Ark; Evolve) game, hope you stick around and support us :)

Server Name:
[AES] Epoch Taviana |New|PVP|Coins|Fun|Active\Mature Staff| DayZ Epoch

Server IP:

just search for AES in DayZ Launcher!
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