Taviana now supported in DayZ Commander

I can say you difference:
Dayz buldings) + Taviana + DayzLand mod name = DayzTaviana.com

@DayzTaviana have most of new Taviana buildings with configs and loot. Also next release we have more futures from all developers who help us and Dayz
I can confirm the .com version is flawed and poorly made.
We had it running for 4 hours and then switched back to the dayzland.eu 1.1.0 version.

It blows my mind why someone wanna put a poorly created map on the market, when someone else already created a good map, of the same kind.
But heres my 5 cents:
Stay away from the Taviana, its poorly constructed. Stick with 1.1.0 Taviana and it will run like Chernarus, almost bug free.


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I can't compare the differences since Bliss went the one route. But I would imagine that this bickering about what map does what is sick to both parties. This is a community project not EU or.com owned....Rather than bashing each other. They should get together and come to a common solution on one map.
Exactly my point, but we cant force them to do that.
You can compare coz the first week Bliss had tavianan support it was 1.1.0, now they threw it away and put the taviana in, which is still in open testing and you can feel it very well.

Dont see why they threw away support of a great map, to get a map thats still in open testing. People were leaving our server because of this so we had to roll back to the 1.1.0 and edit the new Bliss files our selves.
Thats bad tbh...

So if they dont wanna work together, we are forced to pick one. Even worse, since its quite obvious what map to pick.
If any body can support Bliss server files, I have 9 communities request support for 1.1.0 Bliss. how many is peoples... omg..
If any body can support Bliss server files, I have 9 communities request support for 1.1.0 Bliss. how many is peoples... omg..
Well all we have is our players and when they complain about the and want 1.1.0 back, because of the stability, what choise do we have.
We have to go to 1.1.0 to make the players happy, so we did.

I am just saying its a shame that Bliss desided to throw away 1.1.0 in favor of :/


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I've been using for a few days now and no issues. Not sure where your getting this negative feedback? I'm guessing the main reason why they lost bliss support is because there were more things the bliss developers had to do in order to make it compatible and easily deployable to us. Also there was a language barrier that had to be overcome too. You have your bliss support coming so quite bitching. My god your like a dog with a bone now. Just drop the bone...

Falcon911 just you not played in Dayz mod.
And then I speak with Bliss admins - without problems... now they have problems :confused:
Just Hicks start to develope same mod and nobody can say nothing about this. Also he taked our name of mod.

Peoples - not a dogs.

Just understand what is wrong but too lazy to say something.
First of all falcon, i get my "feedback" from the players using our servers, doh....
Second of all, i am far from the first to say something is off, so we are certain its not just our files.
Third, Alex is speaking the best english he can, theres no reason to be rude like that.

This just goes to show, people are dicks......


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A couple points that will hopefully calm everyone down.

  • There is no mod name to steal, 99% of the work on both Taviana versions has been done by Dean and Martin. We've all just wrapped them together and done our own little tweaks in the design directions we've each decided to go in.
  • Both versions have their merit, and both teams have the same thing in common - love for DayZ, and the Taviana map.
  • I encourage anyone who has encountered issues in the 1.0 of DayZTaviana.com's release to head over to development.dayztaviana.com. You can report your issue, search for similar issues, engage the development team, and track the progress of the fix. As well as get updates on rolling fixes, and changelogs for the 2.0 and future releases.
We're all of the same mind here guys, we love this game, we love this community - there is no need for venom.

dayztaviana.com 100% work of Dean and Martin

@dayztaviana - 90% work of Dean and Martin(1% and DayzLand), + 10% work of DayzLand community


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You do have some very nice features you've rolled out Alex, I agree there.
I personally very much enjoyed the additional skins, and the faux traffic jams, as well as the air raid siren at the bridge.

I'd give us at least a 1% share of the work on our end though. ;)
We maked all configs for map. and for DayzTaviana
You just say what you maked for DayzTaviana.com? Taked our mod name? nothing more?
I think first what you need to make is come to us and ask about help and support, and not start same mod same name and make shit release.