Taviana V1.5 - Unsubstantiated reports of vehicles despawning on restart


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Like the title says, I haven't confirmed that this has happened.

I have, however, had two fairly large clans reporting the same issue, that vehicles are not saving correctly and disappearing during a restart!

Has anyone else had this issue and are the dayzland.eu crew aware of it if it is an issue?


in our servers all fine. How many fps or peoples on the server? how many time server run? mb overload?


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It's whitelisted, so averages about 20-30 people during peak.
We run for 4 hours before restarting, use p-schnieder bliss and MYSQL.

Is it possible that the out of bounds scripts in bliss could be effecting this?
Chernarus is half the size, so if they haven't been modified the tips of the mainland and islands/oil rigs will be out of bounds!

Also there is a map issue where vehicles (helicopters) that save on oil rigs will start several meters in the air on restart, destorying them. is this an issue with Tavi or Rockets' oil rigs?