The demise of DayZ


Staff member
I have just spent most of my evening browsing through this forum and others. I never took much interest in the behind-the-scenes-bullshit until now... I have read about people "stealing" code. People using others work without asking. No credit being given. Mod's made purely for (what would seem) monetary profit.

I have seen people turn there back to the modding community for the sake of a few quid, and people go as far as possible legal action to prevent people stopping them from making a profit.

I have been in and around DayZ since release and I am not ashamed to say it disgusts me to see what this has become.

Backstabbing, bitching, money grabbing, keyboard warriors and wannabe's all fight it out to become the next big dayz thing!

You know i'm more than likely overreacting....but the few (in my eyes) have ruined this once brilliant community and the project it is based on.

I dunno maybe i'm wrong and maybe this is the way all mods or projects go. To be fair it's the first one i've had any involvement past just playing it.

I guess this is just a vent of frustration, shut me up if you will, but this is what I see.