The Sanctuary 1PP HC Custom +Modded+Loot+Guns+Traders

What makes this server different?
Our primary focus is tweaking and balancing.
Now that modding is out theres alot you can do. Most importantly is we now have to ability to tweak, rebalance and fix alot of the devs dumb design choices. Our goal is to create a server with some of the elements and balance that made DayZ mod so damn fun and less focus on adding every mod under the sun. More zombies, more guns (within reason and balanced, like in dayz mod), more vehicles and coastal spawns, extremely balanced loot table etc. We're tired of the lazy "modded" servers that just add every broken modded gun or shitty clothing retextures, increase loot 10x and never tweak or rebalance anything. We want to create a hardcore, first person, fun but balanced environment reminiscent to the Dayz Mod experience. (Imagine DayZero meets epoch)

Multiple new weapons.
Glock 19, Glock18, Mac10, Lee Enfield, M14, G36, M24, Trumpet, 1911, 1911 Engraved, Longhorn, Winchester.
You'll see a few other weapons on servers running the same mod packs, but we didnt add the broken guns.
The modded guns that dont show magazines, eat ammo or are in other way gamebreaking or could get you killed because they wont work properly were not added.
Longrange and hunting scope are back.
All Weapons now have a chance to spawn with compatible attachments! (because the devs couldnt be bothered to add this back in)

Tons of loot tweaks.
Gun spawn rates have been rebalanced to resemble how it was in DayZ mod. However guns are more common than ammo. You may find loaded guns but you will have to work harder, steal or kill for additonal ammo.
Overall loot increased.
Items that were missing from the loot table have been added back in and others balanced.
Items that are modular have a chance to spawn with attachments, such as flashlights, radios, scopes spawning with batteries or the gorka helmet spawning with the visor.
Increased chopper crashes and police cars and added multiple additional spawns.

Food and water drain has been heavily changed. You dont need food or water every 2 mins, but you should still be looting it when you can.
Unlimited sprint, like in the mod, but is still affected by melee and jumping.

Overall spawns increased.
Coastal gas stations have a high chance to have a car nearby.
Cars spawn fully functional with the necessary fluids in the cargo to get it running.

Traders are located in Green Mountain and Kumyrna. Trader inventory includes the new weapons and a few other things. If you find cigarettes in the world save them, they might be worth alot here. You can also find rubles in the world or on zombies.

Coastal player spawns.
Player spawns resemble how it was in the mod.

Day/Night cycle.
Unfortunately since night time is downright stupid in this game thanks to the devs design choices we found an alternative. On our server there is no "dark black nights". During the night cycle time it wil be like daytime but extremely dim and gloomy.

Zombies have been majorly tweaked. Overall numbers increased so it actually feels like a zombie game. Cities are dangerous you want to avoid wrecklessly shooting inside them.
TONS of additional zombie spawn locations. Filling the emptiness in the vanilla spawns where you can go forever without seeing a zombie.
Radius of spawns increased.
Zombie contain loot more frequently and that loot table has also been modified. Sometimes it might be worth it to kill those zeds if you can!

No dumb rules.
Play however you want.

Currently up and running test server! We pretty much have our base experience where we like it, and are still actively balancing and tweaking.
We'd like to test out interest and gather feedback before we move it fully public and upgrade hosts.

Connect with DZSALauncher and Filter for "The Sanctuary". You will download required mods automatically and connect.
Join us on discord