This is why it is so hard to stop the hackers

14:09:38 : Player #1 ZeroX ( connected
14:09:41 : Player #1 ZeroX - GUID: 1f1211d832d39270975bec348bd464a7 (unverified)
14:09:41 : Player #1 ZeroX (1f1211d832d39270975bec348bd464a7) has been kicked by BattlEye: Global Ban #1f1211
14:12:08 : Player #1 ZeroX ( connected
14:12:10 : Player #1 ZeroX - GUID: A_DIFFERENT_GUID (unverified)
14:12:12 : Verified GUID (A_DIFFERENT_GUID) of player #1 ZeroX
14:19:06 : Player #1 ZeroX disconnected

Apparently it takes less than 3 minutes to switch to a new GUID... It's probably stolen so I didn't publish that one, but I did add the IP address to my personal ban list.

This is on a small private hive with an average player size of like 5. I can't imagine what you big boys go through.


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Abuse Complaints: Complaints concerning a customer from the PenTeleData domain may be submitted to When submitting complaints please include the following information:
  1. The IP address used to commit the infraction
  2. The date that the infraction was committed
  3. The time that the infraction was committed
  4. The time zone relevant to when the infraction was committed
  5. Evidence of the alleged infraction
E-mail forwarded with full header information is normally sufficient. Syslog or Firewall logs will normally provide all of the above. Certain other situations may require additional information as determined by PenTeleData.

Impersonation: Assuming or Attempting to assume the identity of another person on a PenTeleData system or a system accessible through PenTeleData is prohibited.

Illegal Activities: All Users must comply with all federal, state, and local laws. Violation of law is also a violation of this Policy. Activities deemed as illegal by PenTeleData are documented in the Illegal Activities section of this Acceptable Usage Policy.

Chris L. says:
Hello James, my name is Chris L.. May I please have your PenTeleData e-mail address or the phone number on your account?
James says:
hello, actually im not a penteledata customer, however i wanted to inquire if i would be able to receive support by forwarding logs from my server to the abuse email address, which indicates one of your customers is violating your aup
Chris L. says:
Yes you can. Send as much information as you can so we can look into the issue and the customer that causing the problems.
James says:
awesome, that is actually all i needed today, you have answered all the questions i had
Chris L. says:
You're welcome.
Chris L. says:
Have a good day.
Focus on the things that are within your control, can you stop people from hacking your server? Nope, never going to happen, either whitelist or pw or delist your server.

alternatively if you really want to do something most script kiddies are stupid and dont hide their ip information. use that to track down who they are and contact the isp because the own the hardware.

after 9/11 & anonymous most companies in America are very sensitive to hacking accusations.