Transmission Lost Presents DayZ 2017 - (1.1/100296) [VETERAN][GMT+11][ Whitelist Only ]

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The guys in an EVE Online alliance called Transmission Lost have been playing DayZ since it dropped. We have a busy and well-maintained Panthera server up but we got really excited about the DayZ 2017 return-to-the-roots style of mod and we've started a second server.

IP: / Port: 3272
  • No longer 100% whitelisted; we'll turn it on if needed
  • Heli-wrecks spawn 2017-specific loot
  • Timezone rolls forward +4h every day
  • Start with a morsel of meat, water bottle, watch and 2 bandages.
  • Pre-seeded Civilian Ural
  • Basic set of rules to minimize bambi-hunting and establish churches as safe zones. Everything else is a sandbox and people will play how they want.
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