Trying to setup an Epidemic/Epoch server .....


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...... and having issues. As you no doubt know, Epoch doesn't have a config-examples for the Celle map, so I have changed the instance_1_Takistan config to instance_1_celle and then altered the rest like this :

Renamed Dayz_Server\Missions\DayZ_Epoch_1.Takistan to DayZ_Epoch_1.Celle.
Renamed mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_1.Takistan to DayZ_Epoch_1.Celle.

Gone through description.ext, init.sqf and mission.sqm and changed every instance of takistan to celle, then added the needed stuff to the mission.sqm addOns.

Uploaded @mbg_celle to the server.
Uploaded the associated mbg_celle2.bikey file.

Then I am greeted with this :


If I click continue, it spawns me into Chernarus?? Can anyone tell me what version of Celle I should be using (with possibly a link to the version and a matching .bikey) and tell me how to get rid of that f%#$ing error please? I have setup an Oring server previously by pretty much doing the same thing as listed above and it worked perfectly. This is doing my head in, please help ....


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2 things to try.
first of all, you have the celle map.,,open the editor and create a test mission so you can see exactly what the mission.sqm should be reading.
secondly, i forgot my other suggestion already.