uDARE SERVER NOW CLOSED, thankyou for playing.


Don't miss out on our current promotions:

New Player and Referrals
All new players and the character that has referred them can claim 12.5k Rubles and a free teleport to the trader of your choice.

NEW GROUP PROMOTION (Base Building Starter Kits)
In an effort to get more diversity on the server, we will be giving out base-building kits to qualified new groups. This will consist of a bunch of base-building materials, tent(s), barrel(s) (1x tent or 1x barrel per person at the location)

Great Content, Great Community. KOS is allowed, interaction is encouraged.

- Removed 'unlimited stamina' MOD
- Added Custom Stamina config with less drain and increased re-gain whilst walking and idle


You get more stamina and increased re-gain but cannot carry the world without a penalty... back to how DayZ should be player

Dare You Try uDARE!

Fresh image of the revampt Camp uDARE with Black Market Trader (no safe zone)
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We are now back online after the 1.03 udpate.

1.03 comes with some bugs... sorry ... features! but I think as a community we get that.

We have had a FRESH WIPE for 1.03 Join to day and claim your base starrt kit and ruble prize (once Trader fixed)

Join us on discord

Mods Broken pending fixes.
- Codelock
- Trader
- bzReload

Coming in the next few Days
- Revamp Ballota AF
- Revamp NEAF

uDARE is now fully back up and rocking ! people

MODS Added last night
- Trader
- bzReload
- Codelock
- Humvee
Come join us on discord | https://discord.me/udare where we have active groups looking to expand and recruite new players

The WIPE means everyone gets a fresh start and with our new and returning player bonus of 12.5k in Rubles you can get a little kick start!

We would also love to hear from group of 3 or more looking for a new home.... we offer along with the new player and base start kits a private discord group and voice channel and a place to recuit more members into your group/faction

Join us today uDARE
- Re worked loot table (not millions of butt stocks and rails like losts of servers)
- Customised world map the give improved client and server performance

Coming soon
- Re worked NEAF
- Re Worked Balotta AF
- Black Market Trader 'Prison Island'

Really good EVENT run yesteday evening with aroud 25 of the 40 people online taking part, the winner made off with around 250k in loot and money and we had around 75 kills in and around the EVENT location..... more to come.


uDARE ''The Killing Fields' - Open PvP EVENT Zone Coming Soon!

- Server Events
- Clan Wars
- Server Vs Admin
- Server Vs Clan
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Come try uDARE today. none toxic community growing fast keeping DayZ alive.


New Player Promotions
- Free TP to Trader
- 12.5k in Rubles to start you off

New Group Promotions
- 1x Medium Tent, Barrel or locker
- Building Materials for 1x Gate + 4 Walls
uDARE Event today

Treasure Hunt - 29th May 2019 21:30 BST

- Your mission will be to find the hidden treasures hidden within the **core** of the Killing Fields, some will be decoys all will have different bounties.
- There will be a twist

- Various from Cash, Weed and Vodka to Weapons

- the Killing Fields

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