[UK] Rusty Nipples Tanoa Exile Mod

We are a new exile server starting up we are welcoming all new and old people to join us to to build up our exile community. Our staff listen to our players and try and give everyone the best experience we can offer

What we can offer is as followed

Active Staff
Zero tolerance for cheating as well as staff abuse, Anyone found will be removed from the server!
Channel on our teamspeak for you and your group.
Register on our website to get your hands on 5000 poptabs.
Our Top Server Features:
High Loot Count.
Towing from All vehicles.
Base Spawn Point.
Drag Players.
Player Reviving.
Grinding Locks.
Virtual Garage.
Air Drops.
Safe Money.
Paint shop
Respect Transfer
Plus Much More...
Hope to see you soon.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our post / Server