Unleashed Server FIles

Trying to get the next patch out, it's turning out to be a doozie! Complete rewrite of the entire loot code into the hive!
Awesome man, I love it! I'm soon hoping to host this map! The AI appear to much I have to say although. Think you should do maybe just an AI Island rather than patrolling headshot bandits xD I noticed they do kill zombies, but they also kill you regardless. I managed to hatchet one down whilst in a farm, but later after restart, the respawned one totally shot me down... I also know you're trying to do realisim with patrolling survivors as the ones trying to survive. Then again, I can independently say it's kind of annoying. I also know a lot of people might get kind of annoyed with them always around. xD Like I said, maybe an Island where they decided to go for possibly making a new guarded city or something, like Origins. They'd love that, including myself. Make it just as hard as Origins too! Just an idea although. I'd really like to see that to be honest... Thanks man!
There its already an "Ai" Island, is the one in the upper right corner of the map called the Suhrenfeld Array. This is where all the big Ai spawns will occur, right now it spawns between 8 - 24 Ai, meaning a big battle will occur. Here is a video for the island fight

You can turn the all the other Ai off completely if you like by editing the file dayz_server\DZAI\init\world_map_configs\world_napf.sqf. You would want to remove all of the markers in the file except the ones on Suhrenfeld and Pfeffikon. As an alternative, you can edit the line in this file that contains the spawns, I listed that below.


[Minimum spawn amount, Maximum spawn amount, radius to spawn in, thisTrigger, [], Ai Level, How many patrols]

["{isPlayer _x} count thisList > 0;", "nul = [8,24,850,thisTrigger,[],3,1] call fnc_spawnBandits;", "nul = [thisTrigger] spawn fnc_despawnBandits;"];
What kind of changes were made at the map exactly ? Are there plans for placing stuff like rubble, trash etc. ?
The map is Momo and Flatterman, while they have made special changes to the map for Unleashed, it's something that can be used for other mods. I am not sure they will be adding in rubble or anything like that. You can add all of this in after the engine loads.
The leveling/class code is built into the unleashed code base. It requires hive support, server support and client support. We have not released the code to the general public for use in your own mods. In the future, we may release this code out for this usage. Until then any usage is not supported and will be considered to be ripping code from the creators.
We will be releasing the client code git pretty soon, once that occurs you guys may feel free to pick and choose what you want to use out of it.