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Private server pack for dayz, epoch, overwatch and overpoch

I forked pwn0zors private server pack on github and made a few edits. Most notably, I updated to the current version of dayz (pwn0zors was still at 1.8.3) and added startup bat files for epoch, overwatch and overpoch. As before, the databases have already been configured and there is a single database user 'dayz' with password 'dayz' for all schemas. Its not as insecure as you might think since that user only has access from the localhost, so nobody can connect remotely to your database .. and this is only your testing server anyways. You CAN use this for a live public server also. You would not be able to connect to the database remotely, you would need to login to your Windows server using RDP.

You must install your own "mod" files. @dayz, @dayz_epoch,@dayzoverwatch. The best method is that we assume you already have them on your client, just copy the folder from your arma2 operation arrowhead folder into the server folder. The "Server" files, @hive, @dayz_epoch_server, @dayz_overwatch_server ARE included. You can download ANY version of dayz from http://se1.dayz.nu/latest/ and I have Epoch and Overwatch files available on my server http://files.iareserver.com

Notable Changes:
  • MySQL database updated to version 5.7.11
  • Dayz @hive updated to version 1.8.7
  • Overwatch 0.2.5 included
  • Epoch included
  • Overpoch included
  • Overpoch has its own server files so you can run epoch/overpoch at the same time
  • Framework for your own CustomMOD included
  • Bat file launchers for each mod
  • Bat file launcher to start mysql only (for editing outside of running server)
  • Installer for mysqlworkbench included in MySQL folder.
  • Mod configs are in individual folders inside of config folder. Arma2oaserver.rpt will be created in each folder automatically.
  • verifysignatures =0 by default so you can have dialog editors etc loaded
  • Single login and password for all DB (dayz, dayz)
  • Servers have some specifically required dll files. We store them in the mod folders and they are copied to server root on startup.
Visit the github page to read the full installation instructions.

Let me know of any errors/issues and anything that we should add/edit. I was planning on adding in one of Fallingsheeps Epoch Repacks .. someday.
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  • working BEC
  • added @restarter.bat for use with BEC restarts.
  • @start_bec.bat file added
You will have to edit your BEC\config.cfg file, BEC\scheduler.xml, @restarter.bat, and maybe some other files to make sure the paths are correct. I set them to c:\arma_server which is where I installed my test server .. your location will surely be different
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this is the minimal setup for a "testing server" using your own Arma2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead installation on your computer. If you want to use this for a server on a VPS or Dedicated box then you simply need to install Arma2 and Operation Arrowhead on it first. .. And of course you need to install the mod you want to play ...
the below video is on http://iaregamer.com/index.php/11-coding/44-dayz-testing-server. I am in the process of gathering all the Dayz scripts together onto a single github at