Vehicle autorepair on namalsk server


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using newest server files from github and arma beta patch 100296

okay here is what happens in DB:

all vehicles that are freshly generated in the object_data table got 0 damage (is this normal?), the hitpoints look okay to me... shows damaged parts and how much they r damaged ( for example .. ["motor",0.8].... )

now here what happens ingame:

- i walk up to a vehicle that was freshly spawned, all damaged parts show properly in the repair menu
- (for example..) if i repair all wheels, shoot out 1 wheel afterwards i cannot repair it again because its not shown as a repair option in the scroll menu (it is also not written into the hitpoints table in db that a wheel is damaged, the overall vehicle damage value itself is updated)
- if i repair all the remaining parts that are damaged, the wheel i shot out will automaticly be repaired (overall damage value is now 0 and no entries in the hitpoints field in db)
- if i damage wheels, engine or any other part after the vehicle is completely repaired, it will be automaticly fixed once i exit the vehicle and get back inside (it seems like the overall damage value is updated properly, if i get out of the car and get back in it is set to 0 again, the hitpoint field in db is not updated at all)

so to summarize .. once a vehicle is completely repaired u can autorepair any parts u damaged by just exiting the vehicle and getting back inside

anybody else experiencing this problem? would appreciate help!

if u need anymore info just ask :)


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im also having this problem, I noticed it lastnight after I blew my tire out in the woods with my ural and got out to repair it and bam.. auto repaired lol..

Im hoping Stapo does a lite pack for DayZ Oring.. keep up the gd wrk stapo


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having the same stuff now on chernarus... im going crazy wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh