[W.S] Overpoch Sahrani PVE Server |Ai missions|Roaming AI|Snap pro|Alot More!

Welcome to Wolfpack Squad DayZ Overpoch Panthera PvE Server

We are a gaming community called Wolfpack Squad. We just made our Second DayZ server and hope from the heart that you will atleast give the server a shot. Server has a very friendly community and admins are doing events on weekend like (Battle royale, Tank battles, Sniper battles, PvP free for all, Race's and so on):)

Version details
Arma 2/Arma 2 OA [version 1.63.125548]
Dayz Launcher
Dayz Overwatch [version 0.2.5]
DayZ Sahrani [version 1.1.0]

DayZ Epoch [version]

Port: 2302

Please use this in your DAYZ LAUNCHER extra launch parameters.

~Server Addons~
- Infistar Antihack
- Roaming Ai
- Blood Regeneration
- Custom Starting Gear
- Deploy Bike
- Deploy Mozzie
- Self Bloodbag
- Auto Refuel/Repair/Rearm
- AI Missions - (From easy to extreme Difficulty)
- Trader Safe zones Inc Anti theft
- Lift and Tow
- Animated Heli Crashes
- Snapping Pro + Vector Build
- Base Safe Area (Zed shield around plot pole)
- Base Jump
- 60 Meters Plot Pole
- 1-Step build
- No Weight limit
- Wardrobe
- 3 Missions at the time
- Color Correction
- Gem Trader!
- APC's/Tanks and Helis at trader!
- Walking zombies
- Custom Missions

- Service points
- Fast trading
And much much more to come!

Website: http://www.forum.wolfpacksquad.com/
TS: tsde1.vilayer.com:10028

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