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Discussion in 'Script/Addon help' started by BetterDeadThanZed, Mar 3, 2017.

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    I've done a lot of searching and found nothing that works with Dayz so I'm starting a new topic with the hopes that enough people still read these forums to help.

    First off, please don't bother to argue about why I'm doing this or if it makes Dayz too easy.

    I'd like to make all of the zedz in Dayz walkers. I have attempted to edit the zombie_agent.fsm file and make all instances of "_agent forceSpeed" set to "2" but the zombies are still running. I've looked through the files and that's the only place I can find that controls the speed of the zedz (as well as zombie_wildagent.fsm).

    Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
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    that's exactly what you do.

    create a local compiles.sqf, then a custom zombie_generate.sqf
    zombie_generate = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "lootANDzombies\zombie_generate.sqf";

    then edit zombie_generate.sqf at the bottom for a custom zombie_agent.fsm like this:
    _id = [_position,_agent] execFSM "lootANDzombies\zombie_agent.fsm";

    Then edit zombie_agent.fsm(around line 513). Here's mine which is a 50/50 walk/run for example. If you want to walk always, then just replace that whole section with
    " _agent forceSpeed 2;" \n

           "_chance =    round(random 100);" \n
           "if ((_chance % 2) == 0) then {" \n
           "    _agent forceSpeed (_agent getVariable [""speedLimit"", 3]);" \n 
           "} else {" \n
           "    _agent forceSpeed 2;" \n
           "};" \n

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