WANTED: Community with 2 servers, and good peoples is seeking a Scripter

We are a solid community with 2 servers, donors, happy players, and we are growing fast. however, our scripting and management has been outsourced. We have had to pay hundreds of dollars to get Scripting assistance for our Overwatch/Epoch servers.

We are tired of paying uninterested 3rd parties to do this work. More than anything we really want one of our own to work with us on this aspect of operations. We can do everything but work with the scripts and database. That is not to say I don't stumble my way through it as needed, I do, but what we want is a genuine partner. Someone who will skip all the steps normally needed to be an admin, and go right to work helping us make our servers the best servers they can be, and we want to do this to make the player experience amazing. We can handle everything besides scripting and database concerns. We want you to be one of us, play the game with us, share in the success, and all the rest. But, before you come and seek me out, I will want to see that your hot shit with scripts and databases. We have been through to much hell with it all to put you on a pedestal if your not sincere and skilled about all this stuff. But if you are, there is a great crew of good people looking for you... www.g-division.com is out website and you can find me in TS during evenings and weekends. DayZGD.enjinvoice.com


=GD= Mordy

About Me:
I am a 40 year old gamer. Love online culture. Love running a community. No time to learn to script. Don't put up with people's bullshit for long, but try to always be polite and patient with everyone. I run servers because most people who do, for whatever reason, are total jerks. Not all, just most, and because I enjoy it, and do it with dignity and grace, I feel its a worthwhile contribution to a community in which I enjoy spending my time and money. I just wish I could find a good scripter to be my pal and partner on all this stuff. Anyhow, if you visit we can chat and see where it goes.