WARNING: New Breaking Point updater phones your BE GUID home. One step away from stealing your CD ke

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In the newest rework of Breaking Point's launcher, there exists some "anti-cheat" code to detect for default installations of the popular hacker tool "Cheat Engine". If the launcher finds even the remnants of a Cheat Engine install, it'll phone home.
After that, it grabs the current Windows username.
Now, these functions themselves aren't too scary, however the code doesn't end there:
This is where the real damage can be done, the launcher computes your BE GUID offline. In order to do this it reads your ArmA2 CD Key value in your computer's registry.
It takes all three of these variables(Cheat Engine Flag, Windows Username, BE GUID) and sends them back to update.dayzbreakingpoint.com/data.php
That final step is what really bothers me, and should bother the DayZ community as well.
I confronted Deathlyrage about this issue on the official Breaking Point teamspeak server, and this was his response:
<00:18:56> "Mandis": seriously man, checking for the default installations of cheat engine?
<00:19:18> "Mandis": reading the registry key too?
<00:19:41> "Mandis": That's a little scary
<00:19:53> "Deathlyrage (Dev Of The Month)": cool story bro
<00:19:59> "Mandis": excuse me?
<00:20:45> "Deathlyrage (Dev Of The Month)": if you have a problem
<00:20:48> "Deathlyrage (Dev Of The Month)": with my mod
<00:20:53> "Deathlyrage (Dev Of The Month)": GTFO
I was immediately banned after this.
This is your lead developer guys, talk about professionalism.
Edit: To those wondering how I came across this information, it's not hard to disassemble a .NET application into source code. If enough people ask for it, I can post the offending code to pastebin.
EDIT2: I have attached the offending code here.
This is unacceptable behavior by Deathlyrage, the dev of dayz breaking point.

If you ask me, you should uninstall all dayz breaking point data immediately, if not, you are putting your computer and CD key/s at risk.

You have direct permission from the creator to repost this on any forum/blog you like. Please help raise awareness so no players fall into this trap.

EDIT: User "IsurvivedDAYZAMA" has commented the following:
Official information on the matter:
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I fancied trying this because it sounds good, but any dev that treats players like that won't get my time :)
Maybe they should remove his Dev of the month award ? :D
Yep, uninstalled it right away. A large part of the DayZ Breaking Point team are proven to be immature and rude anyway.

On a side note: does anyone know if they have permission from all the makers of all the addons that they grabbed together?