Where is data of loot/vehicle/zombie spawn rates stored?

Discussion in 'Script/Addon help' started by adsffm, Aug 26, 2017.

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    [This is a copy of my post on DayZ mod subreddit]

    I am completely uneducated on the subject and I have no experience whatsoever managing a DayZ server, so do forgive me if I say something stupid and feel free to correct me. I would like to know where I can edit loot spawn rates as well as the chance at which vehicle will spawn, same for zombies and I do believe helicopter crash frequency can be edited as well? I do have PBOManager installed, all I need is information on how/where to edit the files. I am planning to do this for a singleplayer extension "DaiZy", I guess it's the same as trying to do this on a private/local server? Any info will be appreciated, thanks.

    P.S: When I'm playing the singleplayer mission that came with DaiZy, vehicles that spawn in around the player are marked with green icons on the map. Is this some kind of a script or a feature DayZ mod allows, and if you know how to use it, could you please teach me?
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    link the version of DaiZy you have and ill get ya a quick howto up :)
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    I think I answered this on /r/dayzmod

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