Willing to help with keeping Overwatch alive


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Hello all,
I'd like to see Overwatch continue being a thing. It saddens me that Scrumbee is virtually non-existant anymore, and that ShootingBlanks has tried hard to get his attention to transfer custody to community that would rather not see it die off. It's a great mod that I have become fond of and had so many great moments in. That being said I want to throw my hat into the ring to keep this afloat. Maybe we can use this thread as a list of people who share the same sentiments and want to help

Unfortunately life got busy for me and all that but after being away and not visiting the site much over the last few months, I believe I am finally in the position to start dedicating time to the game again. I'm pretty average at best as far as scripting/coding, but I have a basic understanding of coding in general and always willing to learn more. I've read a decent amount on how things work with Dayz mod and generally know where important files are at but I'm still kind of a noob about certain things. Basically, whatever I can do to help, I can give it a shot, just reach out to me or PM yadda yadda. I have Vent, TS, Skype, etc.

Skype: baronobeefdip
Steam: gonads and strife

I also still have my Overwatch server still up, however I'm still working on polishing and tweaking as some things still require my attention. Come play, give me feedback, etc. Always looking for people to help report bugs and/or do some troubleshooting.

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