Willing to pay for help!

I will pay anyone who can get my PBO file for my custom buildings to work properly. The only issue has been that when players die, they spawn on the wilderness. I have tried 100 things to get this working with no avail. I have $20.00 dollars American via paypal to be paid upon delivery of a working version of this PBO file (IE.. players spawn in the normal DayZ spawn locations) along with instructions on how the repair was conducted.
Thanks in advance.


I need them to work in native dayz.. I need the mod I have linked in the PBO to work. I thank you for offering me a server file for RMOD but, I am looking to create custom buildings for dayz without rmod. And be able to have my players spawn at the normal spawn points. RMOD would limit my server population to the people who use RMOD.

OFFER is still up guys anyone who can repair the spawning the wilderness issue and explain to me how to do it, i have 20 bucks for you.
What you need to do is grab the rpt file from your server, and post that aswell, lets look if any errors are being generated when people are spawning.

What version of the bliss are you using?
Nothing out of the ordinary, i will look at your mission when i get back to the pc.
I am helping you for free, i don't want your money.

I'll pm you when i have looked at the mission in editor and cpbo
Ok nothing is wrong with the mission file man.
The airport style base you built is normal - you don't need to "this setpos" on all objects like that though.

Nothing in the mission file will make you spawn elsewhere from the one you provided.

I think you must have issues with dayz_server.pbo.

Can u link me your server? i want to join and see whats going on.
i have the same problem with taviana. when i use the taviana dayz_server.pbo from dayzland my buildings are not showing up... when i use a other dayz_server.pbo i see the buildings but i spawn in the water !

can anyone help me.

sorry i have no money !

have a nice day