[WIP] DayZ Survivor Cities

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[WIP] DayZ Survivor Cities
author: Dango
credits: DZMS Devs

This feature spawns a neutral survivor party with cooked food, clean water and skins that can be removed if you also have Zabns version of remove clothing installed(May work with others). Camp spawns are based on players discovering the camp site. Once a site is entered it will be tagged for removal after all players have left the camp site plus an additional two minute timer. These survivors may be killed without any change to player's humanity.

Unfortunately progress on this feature has been slowed as I have become very busy lately. With that said I will still continue to update this feature as much as possible and perhaps in very small incremental updates. I have been focusing on functionality and removing any issues found in the process. So while this feature may not be what I intended it to be, it will still operate without impacting server performance.

This feature is going to be developed soley for DayZ Mod but it may be compatible with other mods with no additional scripting. Many of the other mods may be compatible with minor scripting if you know what you are doing.

This script requires the use of a notepad++ or similar program, a PBO manager or similar program and access to all outlined PBO files below.
Easy = Blue <10
Attention: Some of these steps will replace parts of the previous version. This is intended to not require everyone to remove previous code.
  1. Download the package: DayZ Mod Survivor Parties
  2. Extract the package into the root of your server PBO
  3. In your server monitor file locate the code for spawning heli crashes and below it add the following:
    // DZSC
    [] spawn {
       [1,-1,true,true,false] call DZSC_execScript;
  4. Open the server functions file in your server PBO and ad this after the first block of all the compiles add this:
    DZSC_execScript = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZSC\DZSC_init.sqf";
  5. Add these variables to your custom global variables. If you do not have custom variables add these variables to the init.sqf after initialized = true;
    DayZ_Tents = ["TentStorage","TentStorage0","TentStorage1","TentStorage2","TentStorage3","TentStorage4","DomeTentStorage","DomeTentStorage0","DomeTentStorage1","DomeTentStorage2","DomeTentStorag3","DomeTentStorage4"];
    DayZ_Stashs = ["StashSmall","StashSmall1","StashSmall2","StashSmall3","StashSmall4","StashMedium","StashMedium1","StashMedium2","StashMedium3", "StashMedium4"];
    DayZ_cutter = ["Wire_cat1","Sandbag1_DZ","Fence_DZ","Generator_DZ","Hedgehog_DZ","CamoNet_DZ"];
  6. If you do not have a previous version of this feature then you can skip this step. Remove all variables in the init.sqf file pertaining to older versions of this feature as they are now controlled via the system monitor. Also remove the add and delete marker scripts from the scripts folder of your mission PBO.

Support Link: http://opendayz.net/threads/atmosphere-epoch-survivor-parties-support-thread.17742/

Version 1.5.2 - Rolling

  • Music tracks to be used without increasing file size.
  • NPCs that provide repair and healing services.
  • More permanent type structures instead of tents.
Version 1.5.1 - Current
  • Camps despawn two minutes after they have been entered and left regardless of survivors status.
  • Map markers are now persistent for players.
  • NPC and object protection has been implemented to prevent server issues.
  • The choice of mod selection has been removed.
Version 1.5 - Previous
  • Bug that caused sites to spawn only once has been fixed.
  • Bug that prevented AI from being killed.
  • Added variables to provide the option to use music or not.
  • Added execute parameters to allow for Mod type selection.
  • Added execute parameters to allow for a spawn limit per restart.
  • Added multiple debug points to verify everything is functional.
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