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Resurrection is back!

Resurrection was previously one of the largest DayZ communities, It is now being brought back by a strong lead development and staff team to bring an amazing community back to DayZ that always puts the player experience first. On October 1 we re-launch this community beloved by its players back into DayZ and we can't wait to have you come and join us!

What can we provide?

  1. Well balanced loot system with mostly mid-tier guns, High calibers being very rare, limited and costly for their components with **raiding materials** being rare drops/event awards only
  2. A large, Experienced, and well-balanced staff team with an emphasis on community and a culture of fairness and respect.
  3. A community to call home. A community that hears your thoughts and opinions Actively discusses how to make the server better and is focussing on how to create the best environment for our player base.
  4. It's easy to say "Perfectly balanced loot system" But Resurrection has been working on it's configurations for an entire month before launch, Vigilant testing, Basebuilding and raiding systems that fit perfectly into the economy, Raid supplies MUST be found or won in events with a Discord tab telling you where each supply comes from, All Trader+Map Location info + Vehicle info easily found in our easy to read Discord... The list goes on and on, Resurrection provides an extremely high quality of life for ALL players.

Join our Discord to read up on Resurrection and all it has to offer.