1. J

    PC Manhunt UK, Vanilla, More Loot, More Zombies, No Mods

    https://discord.gg/wPm3V7BC5z - click here to join our discord. MAP - CHERNARUS Our Manhunt Vanilla server brings to you firstly the latest update with added new medieval items. It focuses on core vanilla gameplay with a highlight to specific loot being increased, zombies are DOUBLED!, and...
  2. g4m3g4ng

    XBOX | US | Chernarus | NEW! GangLands of Chernarus PVP PVE

    Welcome to GangLands, the ultimate post-apocalyptic experience! Immerse yourself in thrilling turf wars, survival challenges, and community building. As the Government and Military crumbled, local gangs rose to confront the infected hordes that plague Chernarus. Unite or clash with a diverse web...
  3. S

    **UK |ForsakenLands| RELAUNCH |PvE|PvP-Zones|Helis|Cars|Drugs|More Deerisle**

    COME CHECK US OUT SURVIVORS!!!!!! RELAUNCH Server Name UK |ForsakenLands| RELAUNCH |PvE|PvP-Zones|Helis|Cars|Drugs|More IP: Map: DeerIsle Mode: PvE With Highlighted PVP zones Max players: 60 Location: UK Active growing community - Great community for making friends...
  4. K

    PS4/PS5 players join KillerDragon Party Place

    New server PVP style. Laid back with tons of Loot and Vehicles. Hidden stashes and bases! Friendly Admin! Number of player slots will increase with popularity!
  5. Spooky


    Hello :) We are looking for more players/groups for our deerisle (PC) server! Our languages are german and english. Server was wiped on 03.03.2023 Our server is modded and we have a daily player basis of 10-20 people. A good admin/supporter team who is friendly and always trying to help. There...
  6. I

    Operation Monarch | Us1 | PvP | Tarkov | Heli | Trader | WIP

    Welcome To Operation Monarch (OPM) Our aim at OPM is to offer users the highest support and the most enjoyable Dayz Server possible. We are the most recent (and advanced) community to date! We are a huge, determined group of amazing people from all over the world! Our goal is to make sure we can...
  7. C


    Misfit Island [NO LIMITS]DNA[FreeVehicles]BOOSTEDLOOT[CUSTOM] Come to Misfit Island and join the fun! We have a fully loaded server, tons of customizations and features to enjoy. We have minimal rules and basicly no limits on what you can do. We dont have a huge player base right now, but you...
  8. R

    New Dayz server on PC , 59 mods, PVP, 50k, Search items in forniture and a lots of fun

    Server name: DarkShot[PT][PVP]Trader-50k-KeyCard-CarePackage-SearchForLoot Address: Server version: 1.19.155542 Join us on Discord also : discord.gg/ka3bv8cu Any questions our discord staff will deal with it
  9. B

    UK PC Vanilla ++ Seraphym Lancer Survival.

    New PC server looking to populate. Testing complete for stability and checking that the features are working alright. Dedicated server is based in the United Kingdom. We Have active and friendly admins and a discord which needs some love. The Server is using 25 different mods such as Mighty's...
  10. Bookablespider

    ️First Light RP | No KOS | Immersive Hardcore Experience | Helicopters, Parachutes, and 30+ New Items | Chernarus ️

    Hello! Welcome to First Light RP, a top-rated DayZ server designed to offer a thrilling and immersive gaming experience for all players. Our focus is on providing a fair and enjoyable experience for all players, while also adding some extra elements to keep things interesting. On our server...
  11. N

    Brand New Server WarriorZ

    Search WarriorZ 100k to find the name map is based on Livonia lots of added mods and features check it out and enjoy (:
  12. NoFace_NoCase13

    Server Advert : Zone 2 UK Chernarus 42 slot PVP PS4/PS5

    No Freshie killing on the coast Squads and lone wolves welcome United States marine core clothes boosted and beres Hello crashes on the coast -0 temperatures if you don’t find clothes or make a fire you die fast Heavy rain and thunderstorms at night Bears Spawn on the coast Boosted...
  13. M

    PC | US | CHERNARUS | 1pp w 3PP Driving | Warzone | Safe Haven

    Rizen [Fresh Wipe 9/9/2022] Custom Arsenal| PVP| 10 max| Player Bounties| Warzone| Safe Haven| Custom PVP Map Edits| Airdrops| Discord: https://discord.gg/v2fpVyYEZy R I Z E N |War Zone PVP Trader| Custom Coin and Gold Bar Currency| Custom Creatures| Challenging Gauntlets “The Labs”| Safe...
  14. H

    US - PC / Blue Collar Dayz [HalfPVP][RFFS][Raid][Armored-Vehicles] - Chernarusplus

    Come check out Blue Collar DayZ on PC today! We have the map split in half with a PvP zone and a PvE zone. Boosted loot in each zone. Red Falcon helis and drugs are also available. We also have tons of gun and armor mods such as MVS, MMG, Tactical Flava, etc. Server is run by active admins that...
  15. ChemZFresh

    ChemZ|US|DeerIisle|10XLoot|Raidweekend|HELI|BOATS|Discord|250K Start|PVP

    ChemZ PVP RFFHelis Boats Renegade Gear No Vehicle Damage ATM Automatic Cars Ear Plugs Much Stuff Pack Teddys Weapon Mass Food Cannabis Plus Drugs Plus Radios With over 50 songs to choose from(In the car, in your heli, or just running) Cassettes Volume 1 Cassettes Volume 2 Code Lock Inventory...
  16. J

    InsurgentZ - Brand New - PC Server

    Looking for a new server that isn't full of rules, restrictions and bossy admins? Then look no further. InsurgentZ is a modded DayZ server for PC, created and run by avid DayZ players. The server is designed to be fun and enjoyable yet challenging. Don't expect to find everything you need from...
  17. S

    Night Terrors PVP - US - Chernarus+ - PC - Survival - King of the Hill - Care Packages - 20 slot

    Night Terrors PVP - US - Chernarus+ - PC - Survival - King of the Hill - Care Packages - 20 slot Discord = https://discord.gg/mVEGfCm4a6 Quick bright nights with more zeds, wolves and bears. 90 minute rotation care packages and King of the Hill events. Rare loot spawns and lots of cars that...
  18. N

    US PC CHERNO Lands Between -Tarkov-PvP-100k-Expansion-AI-Helis-Trader-BBP-BreachingCharge-Raiding-Hideouts

    Hello, This Is A KOS Server With A Little Bit Of RP. RP Isn't Required But Is Recommended! The RP Theme Is PMC Groups Came In To Chernarus Looking For A Cure And There Are Many Rival Groups Out And About So You Can Expect To Run Into PMC Groups/Factions And See Similar In Game Missions/Events...
  19. Z

    NHC Revelations - Xbox

    NHC REVELATIONS - Slots:32 (Brand new DayZ server.) • PvP 24/7 with limited raiding. • Weekend raid times. • Loot is 3x boosted. • Active and helpful staff. • Donator store with balanced rewards. • Discord economy with bank for trader. • Custom loot distribution, no useless items. • Staff...
  20. NoFace_NoCase13

    PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) (HardCore Survival)

    PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) (HardCore Survival) Uk Chenarus Server PlayStation Gas drops on player spawn points to stop camping Boosted Claymore/M79/Plastic explosives PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) Biggest squad 3-4 players at the moment squad and lone wolves welcome Zombies at heli...