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    Active Admins

    Loyalty System = 10k coin for every 1/2 hour played
    Group Management
    Plot 4 Life
    Centralized Banking and Coin in Objects
    All WAI Missions Published to date
    DZAI/Roaming AI
    Enhanced Spawn System/Halo
    Self Bloodbag
    God Mode Safezones
    God Mode Vehicles Locked in Plot Radius
    Large Plot Radius/Increased Buildables
    Vehicle Locator
    Advanced Trading
    Snap Build Pro/Vector Building/Precise Base Building
    3 AI Cities
    Base Decay
    Safes/Lockboxes Zero
    Dynamic Weather
    Player Vote Night/Day
    Many Map Addons
    Zombie Free Plot
    Ingame Auction System
    Base Doors tied to Plot Friends

    Coming Soon (WIP)
    Fast Roping
    Vehicle Key System

    Ongoing Development (Updates being added all the time)
    We currently looking for new TS Admins, Game Admins and Web development Staff! See forums @wwzombies.com

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