Zombie War (Ps4)


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Server Rules 1. We are a PVP server however; Vybor is a safe zone. PVP is allowed all week in other gang territories but gangs can only raid bases on weekends. No raiding during the week. 2. No offline raiding and no battle logging. Please ensure that gang members are online. Gang leaders are not allowed to tell their members not to play. If all gang members in a gang have not been on to PVP two weekends in a row then the 3rd weekend your base can be offline raided. Players are not to remain offline to keep loot and hoard without PVP action. 3. When raiding only destroy what is needed to enter the base. Do not destroy gang bases completely. Only loot what you can carry and leave. You may only take one vehicle. Once you’ve looted a base you may NOT return to loot again. We are not here to wipe people out but to have fun and PVP. That means no despawning, no ripping out parts of other vehicles or damaging them, damaging tents or barrels. If you drop equipment try to make a pile somewhere or put it in the vehicle to ensure you aren’t despawning. 4. Glitching is not allowed in ANY form on the server. It creates lag and is poor game play. 5. Traders are non-PVP and their trade base cannot be raided. Traders will continue to wear blue UN helmets (ballistic helmets). Traders are here to help those who want to trade and are not to be killed. 6. General chat is for general talk and game chat. Please take all shit talk to the shit talk channel. You will be warned, muted and even banned depending on the level of intensity and consistency.also refrain from crossing lines with messaging others. This is a server for everyone around the world and under 18 just be mindful with what you post. 10. Do not give out password to anyone unless told by admin. No matter how quick you want someone in there is a reason we screen everyone. Please respect this you will receive one warning, that’s it!
Give us a try !! :) https://discord.gg/ScnbHt